Analysis: Kari Lake Files AZ Election Integrity Lawsuit

There has been a new lawsuit filed by Kari Lake in the AZ gubernatorial race.

The lawsuit seeks a new election in Maricopa County, among other remedy, and alleges ten counts of fraud and criminal mismanagement. Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem, and Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh have also filed suits against Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County.

UncoverDC has been following the ongoing saga in AZ closely. For some reading to get caught up, you can click hereherehere, and here.

This article will serve as an analysis of the complaint in the Lake v. Hobbs lawsuit. If you’d like to read along, here is the link:

Lake v. Hobbs by UncoverDC

Lake starts by telling everyone what we already knew—the number of illegal votes case on 11/8 far exceeds the margin of victory, and on because of the *misconduct* of Maricopa County election officials, on Election Day 59% percent of precincts in Maricopa had printer or tabulator issues.

Right out of the gate they are alleging misconduct on the part of Maricopa county.

Interesting, she is including that Hobbs as SOS participated in the CISA portal to censor the speech of Americans.

The next allegation comes in the form of admonishment for the tabulator errors on Election Day where Republicans vote in person in a 3:1 margin, and obviously, they use Richer’s own words at the press conference.

They have a cyber expert who spent years testing voting machines on behalf of the same lab that certified Maricopa, who will detail how what happened on Election Day couldn’t have happened without intentional misconduct.

Testimony by whistleblowers and witnesses with first-hand knowledge will show chain of custody violations and signature verification issues which call into question the legality of over 300k votes.

They have included a 2020 mail-in ballot that had a signature match issue. In case you missed it, UncoverDC did a piece explaining the importance of signature matching, written by Adam Carter.

Kari Lake is taking an interesting avenue on this lawsuit. She alleging misconduct by officials, AND she is stating that HER right to vote was disenfranchised, thereby skirting one potential standing issue.

The next portion goes through applicable law; this is legal mumbo jumbo for the most part, citing applicable cases and precedent, but I wanted to include some of this for you because so often these things are just discarded in these cases.

If there was latitude on following the law, it wouldn’t be law at all.

“Maricopa’s Outsized Ability to Dictate the Outcome of the AZ Governors Race”

Maricopa accounted for 60% of the votes in the 2022 election. The difference between Hobbs and Lake in Maricopa is greater than the difference in the margin of victory for Hobbs, which incidentally is merely 17,177 votes.

Mail-in ballots in Maricopa County were printed on Runbeck paper. UncoverDC has done a lot of reporting on Runbeck because there are massive problems with Runbeck. For one such article that references Maricopa County, see: Fulton County: Massive Last-Minute Order of over 1M Ballots Discovered – UncoverDC

They will detail the process a vote takes here, specifically with vendor Runbeck. Dropbox ballots are taken daily from drop boxes, follow a process of a chain of custody, and are taken to the counting center—all of this should be documented on forms, preserving the Chain of Custody. Then, a Maricopa county courier takes those ballots, swings by USPS to pick up mail-in ballots, and brings them to Runbeck, where Runbeck fills out a form and scans envelopes and signatures for verification later.

Scanned ballot signatures are electronically sent back to MCTEC, where they are compared to signatures on file, matched and approved (or not) and then they let Runbeck know which they were, so they can gather up the envelopes from approved ballots and send them back to MCTEC.

(I am sure there are never ANY mistakes made here in this cumbersome process, said no one ever)

“Tens of Thousands of Ballots with Mismatched Signatures Were Illegally Counted in Violation of Arizona Law”

Early ballots have to have an affidavit that certifies a number of criteria and has them acknowledge they can’t cast more than one ballot.

When the county recorder gets an early ballot they have to compare signatures. If they match it’s counted. If they don’t, it isn’t.

If a signature doesn’t match, a voter has an opportunity to cure their ballot within 5 days.

In 2020, Brnovich released a report which stated that the early signature verification process, specifically in Maricopa, is not sufficient to guard against abuse, and that “signature matching is the single most important election integrity measure when it comes to early ballots”

Introducing, WPAA—an organization staffed with experts and brought in by Ken Bennett to be deputy state liaisons to the audit in 2020.

WPAA continued to investigate election fraud after the audit ended. They reported multiple instances of voters stating their records had been changed, etc. WPAA brought this to Karen Fann on 6/20/22, and Fann provided them access to an external drive they had received under subpoena from Maricopa. This would allow WPAA to further investigate their findings by using the data Maricopa had.

I can be corrected, but I don’t think anyone knew this was happening, or it wasn’t widely reported.

As WPAA was doing this, they noticed severe irregularities, including hidden files, etc. Then, a group of senators authorized a full-scale investigation of the voter signatures on ballot envelopes used in the 2020 election, using actual control signatures found on the hard drives for comparison, just as Maricopa was supposed to have done…

Hold on to your hats.

They reviewed over 230K of the signatures in Maricopa.

1. 18,022 had egregious signature mismatches, and when proportioned, that represents a staggering potential 156,000 ballot envelopes with egregious mismatch. (What was the margin of victory for Biden again?)

2. 19,631 signatures failed the SOS standards, which means that 165,000 ballots would likely fail the standards.

Maricopa rejected just 587 for mismatched signatures.

Chew on that for a second.

So, what does this have to do with 2022? Even though the full 2022 file wasn’t available, they wanted to see if some of those same voters with bad signatures voted again. Of course, they did. A lot of them.

So Hobbs could say “Well their signatures changed!” Or “We don’t have an updated signature on file.”

Doesn’t matter under the law, if it is adjudicated properly. In free countries, that is something you hope the courts will do. Adjudicate the law.

32 workers did signature validation in the 2022 election. Of those, 3 have stepped forward and signed sworn declarations about their experience this go round. They were rejecting 30% but would only see 1000 or so for curing when that stack should’ve been MUCH bigger.

They held them back.

The most likely explanation is that the level two folks were approving previously rejected signatures. They were supposed to record if they were doing this.

Even ballots that had already been rejected 3 times were sent through in a desperate search to find a signature—any signature—to match the ballot.

Maricopa County was handing out “approved” curing stickers like candy. These stickers could be affixed to a ballot to have it pass through the process. There were no observers watching to make sure that signature was actually cured. They were just hanging piles of these to any level employee, who were then instructed not even to sign that they’d cured it, just date, which prevents accountability and tracing who did what.

Criminal. This is something.

Maricopa also employed a third-party contractor, Star Center, to cure ballots. There were no observers present at Star Center. This is flagrant and isn’t allowed.

“Ballot Printers and Tabulators Failed at More than 59% of Maricopa Counties 223 Vote Centers; Created Chaos on Election Day”

“Maricopa County Roving Attorney Program”

They have affidavits from 12 attorneys (We covered these previously) and TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE poll workers, observers, and voters who witnessed issues at Maricopa County polling locations on Election Day.

THIS is the power of getting involved in the process. It’s one thing to have a voter declaration, it’s quite another to have a STAFF declaration. These were people employed by Maricopa, and also volunteers.

They have the text messages from the crew of “T-Techs.” They were the roving crew of technicians who tried to fix issues on that day. Remember, I mentioned how interesting it was they may have been focused at server-level management.

“What’s the current record for T-tech mileage on Election Day? Because I am at 166”

The next several sections go over how the Maricopa Board of Supervisors lied about when things were fixed, and how long lines were. These are things that have been detailed in the past so head to pages 24-26.

Vote Centers co-mingled tabulated and untabulated ballots. The lawsuit asserts that the Maricopa County BOS report is FALSE.

The bulk of the rest of this lawsuit is patently debunking the report made by Maricopa County. The door 3 issue is addressed here. Because there were so many “door 3” ballots, there wasn’t adequate means to transport those, causing widespread confusion and potential double counting (or non-counting) of “door 3” ballots.

This is a weaker argument, because other than a few declarations, it doesn’t seem they have “proof” but, a large majority of voters didn’t feel their “door 3” ballots were counted, (or would be) and the suit references “widespread reports” of the ballots being commingled.

Using on-the-ground, first-hand reports, the lawsuits debunks the BOS claim that wait times really weren’t all that bad on Election Day, and when they were, they only lasted a short while. It’s completely ridiculous to assert that, as any voter in Maricopa will attest.

The BOS report completely ignored 16 vote centers that had ridiculous wait times all day. The mantra seems to be that when things don’t support your argument, you just leave them out and pretend they don’t exist.

The Black Mountain Baptist Church vote center had ALL of their tabulation machines down for a portion of the day, and voters had to be directed to another vote center, but the BOS left the center completely out of their report.

“The Catastrophic Failure of Tabulators…Caused Between 15,603 and 29,257 Republican Voters to be Disenfranchised.”

Because Lake voters disproportionately vote in person on Election Day, it was mainly those voters who were disenfranchised.

Richard Baris filed an affidavit explaining a poll he conducted along with historical data proves out the theory of same-day Republican disenfranchisement.

Missouri v. Biden rears its head in the Lake lawsuit, as it was in that discovery that we learned Richer and Hobbs were involved with government censorship regarding information surrounding the election.

It took Twitter less than 8 hours to remove posts at her directions, and also a PRIVATE Facebook post that stated Trump had won.

These people are fascist dictators. That isn’t hyperbole.

Richer was directly involved with CISA (who remember, declared your thoughts cognitive infrastructure) to make a presentation explaining why it is important to censor election-related information that went against the “approved” narrative.

This is a patent violation of the 1st amendment.

Finally, they come out and say it—the failures on Election Day were intentional. Testing leading up to Election Day indicated no issues, and everything happened simultaneously.

Clay Parikh, an expert who has done certifications for the EAC for nearly a decade, has also concluded that these malfunctions and issues could only have been caused by intentional misconduct.

Lake team says the election is uncertain because of the mishandling and chain of custody issues on 300,000 ballots.

A whistleblower from Runbeck stepped forward and has gone on the record. She is stating there was no chain of custody for almost 300 THOUSAND VOTES. Evidence of this came as well when Maricopa County had to CALL RUNBECK to find out HOW MANY BALLOTS THEY HAD FROM EARLY VOTING.

They are able to confirm this because of information NOT provided by Maricopa County after the election. The missing data corroborates the whistleblower’s assertions.

A worker at MCTEC also observed chain of custody issues, trucks coming in and out, no procedures being followed, etc.

This is all ILLEGAL, and in an honest world would completely negate this election.

The Runbeck whistleblower is back, stating that they were allowed to INSERT the ballots of their FAMILY MEMBERS at the Runbeck location. Holy. Hell. That is illegal.

In 2021, Maricopa County was “warned” that they were violating the law. See, the issue with being “warned” vs. ACCOUNTABILITY for BREAKING THE LAW, is that there isn’t any change. This is a major problem and Brnovich should be ashamed. Strongly worded letters and press releases DO NOTHING. Members of Congress should get the memo as well.

And this next example is why. For years now, through current day, the left has weaponized the “law” to their advantage, holding the every man and everyone they disagree with accountable to it, while flouting it themselves. In this case, Hobbs has even gone so far as to THREATEN supervisors with arrest should they not do what she requests, in an election she is in and overseeing, which is a blatant conflict of interest. But, no one is ever. Held. Accountable.

There was an unexplained increase of 25,000 votes that was documented—with no explanation, and since no chain of custody, no way to know why.

That’s basically it. Tech issues with Truth are going to make it so I can’t detail out the rest, however, Lake is seeking numerous points of remedy, in a 12-count allegation that can be found at the end of the SCRIBD document. The remedy being sought is pictured here in these screenshots.