Arizona Senator Refuses to Commit to Biden in 2024

Arizona Independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema refused to say whether or not she would endorse President Biden in 2024 during an interview on CNN.

“Folks know this about me, I don’t typically talk much about partisan politics and I don’t talk much about elections,” Sinema said to CNN host Jake Tapper.

She pointed out that she backed Biden in 2020 when he pointed out her past support, but she doubled down on not committing to 2024.

“So you really are going to view the 2024 election as an independent?” Tapper asked. “You’re not automatically going to go with the Democratic candidate? You’re going to see which one you prefer?”

“Jake, that’s how I view everything,” Sinema said.

Sinema and Joe Manchin of West Virginia have endured two years of criticism from the Democratic Party for not abolishing the filter and opposing Democratic-supported legislation on multiple issues.

“I always make my decision which I think is consistent with Arizonans and frankly most people across the country, I make my decision based on who I think is right for the country, who is the best person for the job,” Sinema told Tapper. “And it doesn’t matter to me much whether that person is affiliated with a party. What matters to me is the quality of the person and whether or not he or she is the right person for that job.”