Iran has moved in as a military ally to Russia in terms of the Ukraine War.  It started when the Supreme Leader in Tehran started selling drones to Russian President Putin – drones being used to commit war crimes on the innocent citizens of Ukraine.  There were then reports that Iran was sending personnel to the war zone to train Russian soldiers on the use of the drones – and even operating them on behalf of the Russian forces.  We more recently learned that Iran is building a drone manufacturing plant in Russia.

In the face of the increasing ties between the Madman of Moscow and the world’s number one terrorist in Tehran, White House spokesman John Kirby said that the administration was “concerned.”  Absence from the statement was any real reaction.  What is President Biden going to do about it?  What is the counterpunch?  On those essential questions, we only hear crickets.

Concern?  That is the best Biden can offer in the face of a mounting threat from America’s enemies?

It may be that the greatest threat to American security and exceptionalism – and world leadership — is not some bogus trumped-up ongoing coup attempt – or even millions of illegals crossing the southern border – but from a White House without a proactive foreign policy – without a steely-eyed willingness to confront America’s challenges and challengers across the globe.

America was once the essential leader of the world – the strongest military … the inspiring democracy … the greatest commercial enterprise … and the strongest military.  The strength of America’s leadership throughout the world was both perception and reality.  Today, it is neither.  We may still have the largest and most powerful military in the world, but it has been mothballed by an acquiescent foreign policy that has reached its nadir in the Biden administration.

Yes, we are concerned – and we damn well should be.  But missing from the response is what we are going to do about it.  Concern — and words of condemnation – are ineffective against aggression and belligerence. 

What can we do about Iran?  More sanctions?  Okay.  Terminate all negotiations over a nuclear deal.  Intercept shipments of drones and other weapons from Iran to Russia.  Provide support for the demonstrators in the streets of Iran to overthrow the regime they hate.  It may be time to give Israel the green light to attack Iranian drone factories and nuclear facilities. Time to up our support for Ukraine by imposing that no-fly zone.  Join the western nations in supplying a lot more weaponry and ammunition to the Ukraine military.  Authorize attacks of military targets inside Mother Russia – maybe even that new drone factory.  

I understand that such options scare the hell out of the globalist left and the isolationist right.  My challenge to them is to counter my offerings with their own proposals.  What would they do to push back against growing anti-Americanism in the world?   Or are they stuck on “concern” as the only option?

After Obama failed to bring down Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad after promising to do so … and after Trump championed isolationism with the threat to pull out the American military from Iraq, Syria, South Korea, and even Europe … Biden surrendered to terrorists in Afghanistan and responds to the Russian build up around Ukraine with nothing more than “concern.” 

All the concern in the world – about the Ukraine War … about Iran joining in … about Kim Jong-un’s new missiles that can reach the United States … about China’s new aggressiveness … about the suppression of democratic institutions in Hong Kong … about the violent suppression of the protests in Iran … about the crime plague in our major cities … about the millions of illegals entering America each year … about the drug epidemic … does nothing to stop any of it. 

Concern should be the first step toward real resolution.  Not the final response.  Because of all the past failures to show leadership and to respond effectively, we now have an alliance between two very dangerous adversaries.  And again, the response from the Biden White house is … concern.

So, there ‘tis,