Massive Development: Joe Biden’s State Department Faces Lawsuit For Possibly Funneling Money To Terrorist Groups Connected To Palestine

The Biden administration and Secretary of State Antony Blinken are being sued over funding the Palestinian Authority, which was accused of spreading terrorism through the “Pay and Slay” program.

The amount was reported approximately more than half a billion dollars, knowing that the Palestinian Authority was supporting a policy that was responsible for murdering a huge number of Americans and Israelis.

The lawsuit has been filed by the America First Legal Foundation this Tuesday. The legal foundation has claimed that Palestinian Authority used the funds to sponsor the “Pay and Slay” project, ignoring the Taylor Force Act from 2017 which prevents the U.S. government from funding the Palestinian Authority.

“[T]he defendants took power on January 20, 2021, with a new plan: Transfer hundreds of millions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers to the Palestinian Authority despite Pay to Slay and contrary to the Taylor Force Act,” the lawsuit said. “Contrary to law, they have transferred nearly half a billion American taxpayer dollars to directly benefit and subsidize the Palestinian Authority.”

“In 2016, 28-year-old U.S. Army Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran Taylor Force was murdered by Palestinian terrorists while visiting Israel as part of his graduate program at West Point. Force’s parents, Stuart and Robbie Force worked with former President Donald Trump and Congress to pass the Taylor Force Act in 2017, which prohibited the U.S. government from providing any type of funding to the PA unless they ended the ‘Pay to Slay’ policy,” the report said.

“Our role in the lawsuit is as it was in our efforts to enact the original Taylor Force Act – to put a human face on the horrific effects of the Palestinian Authority’s Pay for Slay policy,” Stuart Force said to The Caller. “Multiply the devastating loss of our beloved son Taylor by the hundreds of Israeli families that have also been impacted by this inhumane atrocity of Pay for Slay and you will understand why we are committed to ending the flow of US dollars to the PA.”

Back in 2020, President Biden announced his plan to reinstate aid to the Palestinian Authority. Moreover, in 2021, the Biden administration provided $360 million to the Palestinian Authority.

The aid to Palestinian Authority was provided a few months prior to the confession of The Biden administration to Congress in a report where the administration accepted that the Palestinian Authority has not curbed the “Pay and Slay” program.

During that year an official from Palestine also disclosed that the Palestinian Authority supplied more than $180 million for terrorist activites against Israel.

“If [Biden and Blinken] understood what motivates Israel’s enemies, the elimination of the State of Israel, I would think they would stop any funding that could possibly find its way into the wrong hands,” Force said. “Aside from the increased rocket barrages, tunnel construction, and increased frequency of attacks on innocent civilians when ‘foreign aid’ increases, the money is used in its widespread PR campaign to incite violence and foment hatred of Israel and the United States.”

A survivor of the 2003 Palestinian terrorist attacks, Sarri Singer, is a petitioner in the case filed against the Biden administration. She also stated that the current administration does not “have my best interests or safety in mind by sending money over with no accountability.”
“It is almost 20 years later, and I am still dealing with the long-term effects of the attack,” she said. “There is still shrapnel in me that is not operable and not a day goes by that I am not reminded that a simple bus ride to meet a friend for dinner turned into one of the largest bus bombings in Israel during that time.”
The lawsuit claimed that the Biden administration has acted “utterly lawless.”

“It is a total mystery to me why Biden and Blinken are violating a federal law, the Taylor Force Act,” Force said. “By stopping the flow of dollars that funds Pay for Slay (and other horrific actions), we hope to change their criminal behavior.”

The irresponsible Biden administration knew about the Taylor Force Act and the Palestinian Authority’s terrorist activities but still, they provided funds to the Palestinian Authority. This move was not only a threat to Israel but also to American citizens. Once again the Biden administration has proved its incompetence as their every decision always ends up in chaos for the American public.