Pence Denies He’s Running For President Despite FEC Filing

Team Pence denies that the former VP is running in 2024, and they have no idea what the FEC filing is about

An FEC filing claims that former Vice President Mike Pence is running for President in 2024, though his spokesman denies the filing has anything to do with Pence.

Pence may have signified his intention to challenge his old boss, 45th President Donald Trump, for the Republican nomination to be the next President of the United States in 2024, though it seems unlikely as his team reacts with confusion to an FEC filing that surfaced today.

According to that filing, Pence or someone posing as him filed to run for President in 2024 on the evening of December 26. Quickly going viral, a spokesperson for the Pence family denied that he is actually running or that he or his team is responsible for the FEC filing.

Pence previously told the public that he would consult with his family before making a decision about 2024, and intimated that a decision would be made after Christmas.

Having headlined fundraisers for important conservative groups in key battleground states, many have speculated that Pence would announce his candidacy sometime in 2023.

Pence famously parted ways with Trump with a relationship some said was in tatters. He refused to send electoral college votes back to the states, and instead claimed that his duty as vice president required him to pave the way for Joe Biden to ascend to the White House.

Trump, meanwhile, claimed that Pence’s understanding of the U.S. Constitution was wrong, and that his refusal to act made him a “conveyor belt for fraud” on January 6.

While the men have largely refrained from public attacks, Trump made remarks about Pence last night.

“The Vice President did indeed have the power to send Electoral Votes back to State Legislatures for reapproval despite the constant drum from Democrats and RINOS that he ‘ABSOLUTELY DID NOT,’” wrote Trump in a statement posted to Truth Social.

Trump previously told the press that he would not be concerned should Pence decide to run, as many Republican voters remain “very disappointed in Mike.”