Trump unleashes epic rant over Electoral Count Act: ‘The whole thing is one big scam!’

Former President Donald Trump is, from the sounds of it, frustrated by the inclusion of the Electoral Count Act in the $1.7 trillion omnibus that’s currently being discussed.

As previously reported, the Electoral Count Act would make it significantly harder for both Congress and the vice president to reject the results of an election.

On Tuesday the former president posted a stream of thoughts — all of them mostly negative — to Truth Social about the bill.

He started by complaining about how the bill would set in stone that the vice president may not unilaterally choose to certify or not certify the results of an election.

He contrasted this to longtime claims made by his enemies that former Vice President Mike Pence had never had the option of not certifying the 2020 presidential election in the first place.

But if Pence had never had that option to begin with, Trump wondered, then why is the Electoral Count Act even necessary?

“I don’t care whether they change The Electoral Count Act or not, probably better to leave it the way it is so that it can be adjusted in case of Fraud, but what I don’t like are the lies and ‘disinformation’ put out by the Democrats and RINOS. They said the Vice President has ‘absolutely no choice,’ it was carved in ‘steel,’ but if he has no choice, why are they changing the law saying he has no choice?” he wrote in his first post.

“Simply put, it is because the Vice President did have a choice, and looking back at it now, the 2020 Voting Fraud was far greater than anyone thought possible, with even our Government, through the FBI, changing the results of the Election by millions and millions of votes,” he added in his second post.

Trump continued by linking to a piece from The Hill about an op-ed Republican Sen. Rand Paul wrote earlier this week in support of the Electoral Count Act but then turning around and arguing against the piece.

“In other words, John Eastman and others were correct in stating that the Vice President of the United States had the right to do what should have been done. The only reason this change is being promulgated is to reform The Electoral Count Act so that the VP cannot do what they powerfully said he couldn’t do, but if it couldn’t be done, why are they making this law change? The whole thing is one big Scam!” he wrote.

The former president concluded his stream of thoughts by calling on Jack Smith, the special counsel investigating his alleged mishandling of classified documents, to instead investigate the FBI for allegedly rigging the 2020 run.

“I assume that Special ‘Prosecutor’ Jack Smith, a disciple of Obama, Biden, Eric Holder, Lisa Monaco, Andrew Weissmann, and all other Trump haters, is looking to prosecute the fraudulent, but highly successful effort made by the FBI in illegally changing the results of the 2020 Presidential Election?” Trump wrote.

The Electoral Count Act is supported by a diverse range of Republicans, from outgoing “turncoat” Rep. Liz Cheney to even Rep. Rand Paul.

“Our bill reaffirms what the Constitution and existing law make plain: the Vice President has no authority or discretion to reject official state electoral slates,” Cheney enthusiastically announced in a floor speech delivered back in September.

“It also makes clear that if Members of Congress have any right to object to electoral slates, those grounds are limited to the explicit constitutional requirements for candidate and electoral eligibility in the 12th Amendment’s explicit requirements for elector balloting,” she added.

Meanwhile, Paul penned an op-ed in the The Courier-Journal this week echoing some of Cheney’s points.

“The Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act is a bipartisan bill designed to ensure that Congress obeys state law. Unless the laws or constitution of a state identify another official to do so, the reformed Electoral Count Act designates the governor to certify the state’s presidential electors to prevent different officials from sending competing slates of electors to Congress,” he wrote.

Additionally, the bill makes clear that the Vice President is to play a solely ministerial role in the counting of electoral votes,” Paul added.

The latter part probably didn’t please Trump.

Despite this op-ed, the former president has yet to say anything directly about the senator. All he’s done thus far is share the senator’s op-ed, but that was only to make his point about John Eastman.

Dovetailing back to Paul’s op-ed, he argued that passing the Electoral Count Act is a better option than just outright eliminating the Electoral College, which is what hardcore leftists desire.

“Conservatives should realize that reforming the Electoral Count Act is necessary to protect the Electoral College from left-wing attempts to abandon it completely. Our Founders provided us with an ingenious system for representative government that derives its just powers from the consent of the governed without descending into a tyranny of the majority. The responsibility of each generation has been to preserve this system,” he wrote.

“Enacting the Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act into law will help demonstrate, both to our citizens and to the world, that our republican form of government, which respects the laws of the sovereign states and the various perspectives of individuals throughout our common country, will long endure,” the senator concluded.