WAIT, WHAT!? Biden Blasted for Calling Airlines Charging Extra for Legroom Racist

In today’s episode of “Everything is racist,” we’re going to focus on the airlines. All of those extra fees they tack on are certainly an annoyance. But President Biden would describe one of them as racist.

While talking about the economy, President Biden veered off the tracks a little to call out the “junk fees” by the airlines. He claims that the legroom fees disproportionately attack “people of color.”

Check it out:

“Some airlines, if you want six more inches between you and the seat in front, you pay more money. But you don’t know it until you purchase your ticket. Look, folks, these are junk fees. They’re unfair, and they hit marginalized Americans the hardest, especially low-income folks and people of color,” Biden stated. “They benefit big corporations, not consumers, not working families.”

Many people took to Twitter to call out the latest absurdity of the Biden administration:

It would be great for him to follow this up and spell out exactly how this is racist. We’re looking at you, Peter Doocy.

SOURCE: https://dailypoliticalnewswire.com/biden-blasted-for-calling-airlines-charges-extra-for-legroom-racist/