First, Let’s get our facts straight. Trump did not say to terminate the Constitution. Second, despite the media’s insistence, January 6th was a protest – not a riot, not an insurrection (watch the videos closely sometime…).

If you believe other than this, then either you are a Democrat  (and can’t be faulted for your programmed ignorance) or you have not been paying attention and examining the evidence enough to know the truth.

Here is Trump’s response: “The Fake News is actually trying to convince the American People that I said I wanted to ‘terminate’ the Constitution,” he wrote Monday on Truth Social. What he really said, Mr. Trump insisted, was only that the 2020 election “SHOULD GO TO THE RIGHTFUL WINNER OR, AT A MINIMUM, BE REDONE.”

Trump’s point is that if the election is illegally influenced, and fair elections cannot be held under the Constitutional requirements, then we have installed a tyranny. Think about that word, “tyranny.”

He is correct about this – going all the way back to “taxation without representation.” The American Revolution was fought because America did not have a say in how we were governed. If Trump is correct and the election was stolen, isn’t that the same thing, that we are not represented by the person we elected? What other definition of tyranny can you think of?

Whether it is a big tyranny or a small one will be revealed in 2024, after the first term of the worst President in history, whose damage will be long-lasting in America and around the world.  A Republican should be able to win under that circumstance. That will tell us where our Constitution is still working.

But let’s examine our situation.

We have Democrat-controlled media.  Elon Musk seems to have liberated Twitter from the liberals, and he has exposed direct illegal actions by the Twitter staff (with FBI collusion) influencing the 2020 elections.  This is fact.

But Facebook, Google and Amazon are still under Democrat control. They blatantly support liberal candidates and foil conservative candidates. Think I am wrong? I publish in the conservative space, I see this every day, and can cite dozens of instances where my efforts were blocked for no other possible reason than political ideology. 

You may be wondering about the reach of Amazon (besides that Bezos owns the Washington Post). Did you know that Amazon has one of the largest, most effective and most inexpensive email platforms in the country that sends multiple billion emails per month? And yes, no conservatives allowed. I know this firsthand.

Despite the denials from Democrats, a great deal of voter fraud has been uncovered from the 2020 election. If you watch the documentary “2000 Mules” you will see overwhelming evidence of illegal ballot harvesting. Thanks to Governor DeSantis’  Office of Election Fraud, a Democrat ballot harvesting operation in Florida was busted and 20 people were arrested. Witnesses said this had been going on for DECADES.  Does anyone believe there were not other operations like this?  Like perhaps in Pennsylvania? There are tons of other examples.

And as we have seen from the Twitter documents and the Hunter Biden laptop censorship, parts of the FBI and CIA are working politically on behalf of the Democrats. Openly, aggressively and notoriously.

So let’s summarize.

  • Fascist-level control of the media? Check.
  • Questionable if not crooked elections? Check.
  • Law enforcement and other national resources co-opted for political purposes?  Check.

Are talking about Venezuela? No. This is America. This is actually happening here and does not seem to be self-correcting as the checks and balances in Constitution were designed to accomplish.

Republicans are afraid to say any of this. In fact, a number of traditionally conservative and Trump-supporting media outlets (including PBP, Fox, WSJ and Newsmax) are coming out with not so flattering articles on Trump. They all realize that Liberal Mainstream media, plus Google, Facebook and Amazon will pound them into submission. Despite Trump’s strong following, an association with him now carries a high level of punishment from these entities.

Is America completely one-sided? Does one party have absolute control over our elections? No, it does not seem to be this way. At least not yet. 

If one were into conspiracy theories, one might believe the “Overlords” really running the country might not want one party to dominate.  If it were true, this would be even scarier.  But it is certainly a good question as to who is holding the purse and pulling strings behind the scenes.  (I was once told by a CIA analyst that in general, 50 people control everything in a country. I asked him who they were in America, I never saw anyone backpedal so fast.)

I’ve already proposed how to fix the media. This can be done cheaply and effectively.

The rest can be fixed (or broken even more) by electing a Republican as President.

But what if our Constitution is broken? Do we want to live with a Constitution that can so easily be circumvented?  President Trump calls for re-doing the election or just installing himself as President.  But the Constitution does not provide for anyone in authority anywhere to do this.  

And the authorities that exist (assuming illegality) have no motivation whatsoever to use national resources to try to establish the truth. Others are just cowards. You may recall that a great many lawsuits were brought to bear after the 2020 election. The Supreme Court refused to hear any of them.

I’ve learned never to dismiss anything that President Trump says. He often says things that can be twisted and manipulated by the mainstream media.

But Trump always has a valid point.

SOURCE: https://punchingbagpost.com/what-if-trump-was-right-is-our-constitution-broken/