There is no greater indication of President Trump’s prospects for a successful run for re-election in 2024 than the response of his family.  So far, none of the family has indicated their willingness to be part of the campaign.  In fact, the children and the former First Lady have been very silent on the subject.

Melania walked on stage with her husband when he made his announcement to run again.  She left the stage, however, without saying a word of support.  She did not come to the podium to pose for the traditional husband and wife waving to the world.  

Only one son — Eric — was even present for the announcement — and he remained in the audience. Trump recognized him from the podium, but that just drew attention to who was not there.  The non-attendees were Donald, Jr. Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner – and young Barron.

Since that time, Ivanka and Jared have let it be known that they will not be participating in the old man’s campaign.  Trump responded to those reports in typical style – saying that he did not want them to get involved and told them so.  He wants to protect them from the brutality of current politics.  Yea, sure.

The “kids” absence from the campaign is a serious blow to an already seemingly insurmountable task – especially Jared.  Most folks may not recall that the person most responsible for Trump’s shocking victory was Jared.  He was the one who put together the unprecedented and impressive social media campaign.  Many pundits at the time credited the social media campaign with the margin of victory.

Jared also played a major role in keeping Trump focused and – to some extent – less volatile.  Jared and Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway were arguably the two smartest and most effective campaign workers.

Jared also showed his ability in producing one of Trump’s most impressive accomplishments – the Abraham Accord, which resulted in agreements between Israel and four Arab states.

The loss of the children’s participation not only looks bad, but it is a huge loss to any plan for Trump to get re-elected.  It also makes it harder for Trump to attract a competent staff.  So far, he has not – and the campaign pros are not heading to Mar-a-Lago to offer their services.

More and more, it looks like Trump is in this alone.  Some say that he is not really serious about actually running again.  It is only for show and maybe fundraising.  That is as good an explanation as any.

So, there ‘tis.