Biden Blames Southern Border Crisis On Republicans Before His First Planned Trip To The Region

The Biden White House has been ignoring the border crisis for the past two years, with Biden refusing to visit the region to see the chaos in person and even denying the reality of the situation despite all evidence to the contrary. 

Both Biden and the Department of Homeland Security have been actively seeking to erase Title 42, the only framework in place for slowing the tide of illegal migrants flooding across into the US.  However, now that the Supreme Court has ruled that Title 42 must remain, Biden is suddenly changing his tune.

For the first time in his residency at the Oval Office, Joe Biden is set to take a trip to the southern border, specifically El Paso.  The Democrat run Texas city has been an epicenter of the ongoing migrant surge, with Mayor Oscar Leeser finally admitting a couple weeks ago that El Paso is in a state of emergency.   Leeser originally refused to label the mass invasion of illegals as a crisis (he says the White House pressured him not to), but with El Paso running out of funds to deal with the influx and thousands of migrants crowding into sleeping bag cities on the streets he has been forced to acknowledge reality.

It should be noted that, conveniently, El Paso has been engaged in a massive clean-up effort to reduce the level of homeless migrants right before Biden’s arrival, which suggests there is an attempt to hide the scale of the crisis from the American people.  Measures include the building of a make-shift border wall using shipping containers and barbed wire, which reports say has been very effective in slowing the flow of migrants into the city.  It’s rather ironic that the Democrats are now forced to build a border wall just to make Biden’s visit to El Paso look good after years of sabotaging any efforts to build a wall under the Trump Administration. 

It’s also rather hypocritical that after conservatives spent years trying to get any traction from leftists on border security, Democrats now blame Republicans for the crisis. Biden took to his teleprompter this week to lambast conservatives for rejecting his immigration policies, most of which are designed to make it easier for illegals to get citizenship through amnesty measures.  It is these same policies which are attracting more migrants rather than dissuading the marching caravans from rushing across the border.  

Biden suggests that Title 42 actually makes the migrant problem worse because, by kicking illegals back to where they came from, they then might try to cross the border again.  This kind of warped logic is pervasive in the White House response to immigration – Biden is essentially saying that if we simply let most of the illegals into the country the first time around, then we won’t have to deal with them at the border again in the future.  Of course, this defeats the purpose of having a border in the first place. 

Biden also argued that conservatives prefer that the crisis continues so that they can use it to gain more votes in future elections.  One would think that if this were the case, Biden and the Democrats would be anxious to close the border, build a wall and keep Title 42 in place. 

Border patrol encounters with migrants plummeted under Title 42 in 2020, proving that the law works when enforced properly.  The reason for the sudden surge in encounters is the presence of Joe Biden in the White House and the expectation that Title 42 would be rescinded.  Luckily, the Supreme Court has blocked this action and now the White House is forced to pretend as if they care about the migrant crisis.

Amnesty measures are a rationalization for open border policies, nothing more.  Biden claims that most immigrants are coming from oppressed nations seeking freedom.  However, nearly 40% of all illegal migrants are from Mexico.  Beyond Mexico, the largest number of migrant encounters are from Ecuador and Brazil (not countries of origin eligible for amnesty).  Set aside the fact that anyone can say they are seeking amnesty and are from an oppressed nation and there is no way to verify their claim.  Finally, there are many countries that real amnesty seekers could apply to for citizenship – Why is the US the only nation that is pressured to take them all in? 

At least 5 million foreign nationals have entered the US illegally since Biden took office.  Since 2018, at least 60% of all migrants seek some form of welfare benefits, which is why Democrat run cities like New York and DC cannot handle 10,000 to 20,000 migrants, let alone millions.  Without secure borders, there will not be an America left for migrant “dreamers” to come to in the near future.  But perhaps that is the point…     

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