President Biden’s problem over White House classified documents has one major benefit for him. It is distracting attention from the crisis at the border, that is getting worse every day.  And it is not just a crisis AT the border.  The flood of illegal border crossers is overwhelming humanitarian resources and bringing deadly crime to cities and towns across the nation.

Even worse, the criminals and drugs that jump the border is metastasizing in every city and town across America.  The drug cartels are setting up businesses in every community.  The open border is largely responsible for the surge in sex trafficking, the drug epidemic, and a wide range of violent crimes.

MS13 – that was targeted by the Trump administration – is again growing.  Law enforcement officials estimate the MS13 membership now exceeds 10,000.

Nowhere are the differences in the attention to the border between Trump and Biden more obvious than in the number of KNOWN terrorists arriving at the border.  According to Border Patrol statistics, 11 known terrorists were intercepted in Trump’s four years in office.  In the first two years of the Biden administration, the number is 151.

In many ways, it is just a matter of numbers.  If you allow more and more migrants to enter the country, you will get more and more criminals, drugs, and terrorists.

In December, more than 250,000 people crossed the border illegally.  That is a 40 percent increase from December 2021.  And those are people who came in contact with border control officers.  In the past three and a half months, the border patrol counted 278,000 got-aways – roughly 2500 per day.  That does not count the got-aways who were not spotted by border agents.  It is safe to assume that the got-aways number is much, much higher.

The Biden administration has done nothing to address the crisis with positive and effective measures. They have not increased funding for border patrol officers.  No walls.  No improved technology.  No ending sanctuary cities and counties.  No increased support from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to track down migrant criminals who have already entered the nation.

Biden has, however, offered money to South American nations to improve their economies with the idiotic notion that the caravans would stop coming if living conditions were improved.  There has been no cut back in the benefits and incentives that are encouraging the massive migration.

In fact, Biden has initiated a sponsorship program so that migrants can be hosted by American families and NGOs – further encouraging the flow.

Biden is one lucky fellow – having so much of the media focusing attention away from the border crisis even as the crisis gets worse – more dangerous and more deadly—and on to the documents that so far have not killed anyone.  Of course, that possibility remains.

Do not misunderstand.  The documents in Biden’s garage deserve media and public attention – as do Trump’s and now Vice President Pence’s — but you would think the Fourth Estate could do justice to more than one major story at a time.

So, there ‘tis.

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