Biden ‘violating U.S. election law’ in hunt for second term

An editorial published, without an individual’s signature, by the Washington Examiner is calling on Joe Biden to follow the law … for a change.

The problem cited by the Examiner is that Biden has been running a re-election committee in violation of federal law.

It notes that he’s already “shown complete disregard for the law” regarding student loans, the southern border and food stamps.

“So perhaps it’s no surprise that he is ignoring election law, too,” it said.

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The issue is that while Biden actively has been pursuing a nomination for the White House in 2024, he’s refused to inform the Federal Elections Commission, as required by the law.

“If there were any remaining doubts about President Joe Biden’s intention to run for reelection, they should be gone now after his recent trips to Covington, Kentucky, and El Paso, Texas,” the Examiner said. “In Kentucky, Biden posed with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to burnish his bipartisan bona fides in spending money on infrastructure projects. In El Paso, the president made his first trip ever to the southern border, making it harder for Republicans to say he is ignoring the crisis of mass lawlessness and hardship he created there.”

Those are the trips, it said, “of a president gearing up for re-election.”

“The legal requirement to file with the Federal Election Commission for reelection doesn’t include making trips to Covington or El Paso. It does, however, include spending money on your election campaign and authorizing people to make statements indicating that you have decided to run. Biden has done both. His campaign, Biden for President, has spent more than $5 million since Jan. 20, 2021, including more than $1 million on outreach to voters through email and texts. The legal tripwire is $5,000, a thousandth of Biden’s outlays so far,” the Examiner reported.

“As far as statements indicating he has decided to run go, there have been plenty.”

“The president has clearly decided he’s ready to spend his 83rd, 84th, 85th, and 86th years in the Oval Office. He’s told his aides he has decided to run. He has spent millions on his reelection campaign. He needs to get right with the law and inform the FEC of his decision,” it said.

There already is, the report noted, a complaint against Biden filed Americans for Public Trust over his refusal to communicate with the FEC.

At the same time, a report in Breitbart confirmed that a poll showed “only 33% of likely voters in the United States want to see Biden run for a second term in 2024. Most (55%) of the poll respondents said they did not want him to run for a second term as president.”

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