‘Gestapo’: President Trump Blasts Justice Department for Lopsided Investigation into Biden Classified Document Scandal

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On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump took to his social media site Truth Social to blast President Biden for the disparity in treatment by the Department of Justice (DOJ) concerning Biden’s classified document scandal.

“The Fake News Media & Crooked Democrats (That’s been proven!) keep saying I had a ‘large number of documents’ in order to make the Biden Classified Docs look less significant,” the former president wrote. “When I was in the Oval Office, or elsewhere, & ‘papers’ were distributed to groups of people & me, they would often be in a striped paper folder with ‘Classified’ or ‘Confidential’ or another word on them. When the session was over, they would collect the paper(s), but not the folders, & I saved hundreds of them.”

“Remember, these were just ordinary, inexpensive folders with various words printed on them, but they were a ‘cool’ keepsake,” Trump explained. “Perhaps the Gestapo took some of these empty folders when they Raided Mar-a-Lago, & counted them as a document, which they are not.”

“It’s also possible that the Trump-Hating Marxist Thugs in charge will ‘plant’ documents while they’re in possession of the material,” the 2024 presidential candidate claimed. “As President, and based on the Presidential Records Act & Socks Case, I did NOTHING WRONG. JOE DID!”

“Biden is being treated so much better than me, I’m shocked (not really!),” he said. “Why aren’t they raiding his house, & how come his representatives and lawyers are allowed to work together with the Gestapo in looking for documents, when my lawyers & representatives were not allowed anywhere near the search.”

“We weren’t even allowed to know what they took when they raided my home,” the 45th president stated. “’Please leave the premises,’ they said, & then lugged out everything they could, including my Passports & Med Recs.”

The FBI has reportedly declined to assign agents to monitor President Biden’s lawyers during their search for classified material in the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., and the president’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware, as reported by The Daily Wire.

Biden’s lawyers discovered multiple documents throughout his Wilmington home including beside Biden’s corvette in boxes inside his garage.

Biden’s irresponsible behavior with the classified documents has led Republican legislators Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to both launch investigations under the House Oversight Committee and House Judiciary Committee respectively.

In addition, Attorney General Merrick Garland assigned Special Counsel Robert Hur to investigate the president’s handling of the documents much like how the DOJ assigned special counsel Jack Smith to investigate Trump’s handling of documents last year.

With the Biden Justice Department seeming to drag its feet on holding Biden accountable and putting all of their weight behind an investigation, Americans can see the apparent double standard laid out by former President Trump. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI, will President Biden’s home be raided? One wouldn’t think so.

Original article: https://dcenquirer.com/donald-trump-joe-biden-justice-department-investigation-into-classified-document-scandal/