‘Heroes Not Holdouts’: This Is What The 20 GOP Congress Members Held Out For

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The 20 Republican members of Congress who held up the election of now-Speaker of The House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for 15 rounds across four days are now being seen in a far better light than the establishment of the GOP is prepared for.

The more conservative congressmen and women, namely Reps. Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar and Eli Crane of Arizona, Dan Bishop of North Carolina, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Michael CloudChip Roy, and Keith Self of Texas, Andrew Clyde of Georgia, Matt GaetzByron Donalds, and Anna Paulina Luna of Florida, Bob Good of Virginia, Andy Harris of Maryland, Mary Miller of Illinois, Ralph Norman of South Carolina, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Matt Rosendale of Montana, Josh Brecheen of Oklahoma, and Andy Ogles of Tennessee, dug their heels in and demanded congressional change and as The Daily Wire observed: they won. Tim Meads writing for the outlet called them “Heroes – Not Holdouts.”

The members of Congress alternatively referred to as “dissenters” or “enemies” and “terrorists” depending on whom you asked resisted the unrelenting pressure of the entirety of the GOP Conference and many in the establishment media as well but worked around the clock to push McCarthy to accept new rules and agreements that would force Congress back into its traditional roles.

Many outlets and politicians made the claim that the 20 Republicans had made no concrete requests of McCarthy in negotiations, however, ZeroHedge revealed this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The outlet provided a non-exhaustive list of just some of the concessions they gained.

“As has been reported, it will only take a single congressperson, acting in what is known as a Jeffersonian Motion, to move to remove the Speaker if he or she goes back on their word or policy agenda.

A ‘Church’ style committee will be convened to look into the weaponization of the FBI and other government organizations (presumably the CIA, the subject of the original Church Committee) against the American people.

Term limits will be put up for a vote.

[Spending] Bills presented to Congress will be single subject, not omnibus with all the attendant earmarks, and there will be a 72-hour minimum period to read them.

The Texas Border Plan will be put before Congress. From The Hill: ‘The four-pronged plan aims to ‘Complete Physical Border Infrastructure,’ ‘Fix Border Enforcement Policies,’ ‘Enforce our Laws in the Interior’ and ‘Target Cartels & Criminal Organizations.’’

COVID mandates will be ended, as will all funding for them, including so-called ’emergency funding.’

Budget bills would stop the endless increases in the debt ceiling and hold the Senate accountable for the same.”

SOURCE: https://dcenquirer.com/heroes-not-holdouts-this-is-what-the-20-gop-congress-members-held-out-for/