Leftist Democrat Calls For Unprecedented Action Against Conservative Brazilian Leader As Socialist President Cracks Down on Supporters

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The embattled former President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, hailed as a populist-conservative leader of the South American nation has been hospitalized days after his supporters launched a mass demonstration against socialist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva at the capitol in Brasilia which devolved into a riot.

While Bolsonaro’s supporters, known as Bolsonaristas, are being arrested in the thousands in a brutal crackdown from ‘Lula,’ Disclose.tv reported that Bolsonaro was admitted to a hospital in Florida.

Brian Winter wrote “Bolsonaro has checked into a hospital in Florida with abdominal pain, reports @laurojardim, without citing sources. He has had numerous health problems since surviving a stabbing attack in 2018.”

Meanwhile, a Democratic Congressman from Texas, Joaquin Castro called for the former president’s removal from the United States under the guise of extradition in an interview with CNN, saying,

“Bolsonaro should not be in Florida. The United States should not be a refuge for this authoritarian who has inspired domestic terrorism in Brazil. He should be sent back to Brazil.”

“We have not, as of now, received any official requests from the Brazilian government related to Bolsonaro,” Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told the media Monday according to The Daily Wire.

Adding, “Of course, if we did receive such requests, we’d treat them the way we always do, we’d treat them seriously.”

Following his highly controversial election beset with severe allegations of electoral fraud and corruption, ‘Lula’ has seemed to take an antagonistic approach to the former president’s supporters. This has only become exacerbated in the fallout from the riot in Brasilia that left the Supreme Court, Congress, and Presidential Palace badly damaged.

Reuters reported on Jan.3 that Bolsonaro, 67, was treated for an intestinal blockage related to a 2018 assassination attempt. ‘Lula’ was sworn in as president on Jan. 1. According to reports he won the election against the incumbent Bolsonaro by little more than a 1-point margin in early October. On Oct. 30 a runoff election declared the 76-year-old Lula da Silva the winner. The decision was ratified near-instantly by Brazil’s notably left-leaning Superior Electoral Court.

Bolsonaro subsequently challenged the result in November calling attention to “signs of irreparable … malfunction” in the nation’s electronic voting system.

According to The Post Millennial, Human Events’ Jack Posobiec described celebrations of Lula’s elections as highly communist in nature. He observed, “It ain’t like in the US where they’ve just got the Antifa flags. They’ve got full-on hammer and sickle red flags, and what they’re chanting is ‘Viva Lula, Viva Lula’,” he added, “The communists are out in full force for him.”

Via Twitter on January 8th, Bolsonaro condemned the rioters saying (translated) “Peaceful demonstrations, in the form of the law, are part of democracy. However, depredations and invasions of public buildings as occurred today, as well as those practiced by the left in 2013 and 2017, escape the rule.”

He added, “Throughout my mandate, I have always been within the four lines of the Constitution, respecting and defending the laws, democracy, transparency, and our sacred freedom. – In addition, I repudiate the accusations, without evidence, attributed to me by the current head of the executive of Brazil.”

SOURCE: https://dcenquirer.com/jair-bolsonaro-president-extradition-joaquin-castro/