You may have received reports from one way or another that the city of Atlanta is on fire.

No, it’s not MAGA insurrectionists. It’s Antifa comrades being “mostly peaceful.”

This is after an Antifa activist shot a cop and the cop fired back, but because the cop has better aim the activist is no longer among the living. So, working from an activist’s twisted mental construct:

“[I]t’s time to burn this mutha to the ground!”

 Mayor Andre Dickens

61st Mayor of the City of Atlanta

Quick backstory: Police were planning to set up a police training center in Atlanta.

Democrat Communist/Globalist party-supporting activists said “f*ck the police” and have been “occupying” the territory ever since.

Police decided the time for games was over and went to clear out the land, which is where the alleged gunfire allegedly happened.

The Post Millennial reports:

Manuel Esteban Paez Teran was killed by police after he “allegedly” shot an officer who was part of an operation clearing out the Antifa-occupied autonomous zone dubbed “Cop City.”

The officer was treated in an intensive care unit for his injuries. I know we have to say Teran “allegedly” shot the cop since he hasn’t been convicted. But someone obviously shot the cop.

Antifa, as a result, advertised a “Night of Rage” in protest. And they raged like lunatics!

In CNN’s coverage of this advertised “Night of Rage,” they left out the night of rage part.

CNN claimed:

‘[V]iolent’ is the wrong word to describe Antifa rioting and setting things on fire.

According to CNN:

[T]he only ‘acts of violence’ were the police arresting people for the acts of violence CNN was ignoring.

The news-content channel is headquartered in Atlanta. You would think they could look out the window and provide better news. But alas.

While the alleged Antifa-sympathizers at CNN claim the violence is mostly peaceful, Andre Dickens, the Mayor of Atlanta, wonders:

[W]hat mostly peaceful protesters were doing bringing explosives into the city.

You read that correctly—explosives.

Final thoughts: Someone said CNN had begun to conduct themselves more truthfully. Well, we must alert the talking heads in CNN’s leadership puzzle palace. The mass propaganda media out on the streets have not received notification of the new direction of the ship. Mistruths and misreporting is still the name of the CNN game.

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