MTG Hints McCarthy Agreed To Impeach Biden To Earn Her Support

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene seemed to suggest that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy expressed support for impeaching Joe Biden to earn her support in her latest appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Greene famously supported McCarthy on the first vote for his speakership, and remained an ardent supporter for the following 14 votes, until he finally crossed the finish line after making key concessions, allowing both sides to celebrate a victory.

Now, Greene has explained to Tucker Carlson that she stood by McCarthy’s side to “lead the fight against the Democrats.”

“The reason why I supported Kevin McCarthy is because of the agenda that he laid out,” Greene explained, before launching into a laundry list of issues she claims she and McCarthy are ready to pursue.

“I’m ready to investigate the Biden administration,” Greene began, before highlighting the Biden administration’s targeting of President Donald Trump for his alleged mishandling of classified documents, then his supporters for the events of January 6. 

She explained, “I’m sick and tired of watching the hypocrisy, where people are being persecuted and rotting away in the DC jail, but yet Antifa and BLM members have been let off,” before pivoting to another of Biden’s scandals: “And I don’t want to see any more of our oil sold to China. That oil needs to stay here in the United States.”

Then, Greene suggested that Biden and members of his administration may face impeachment charges under McCarthy’s speakership.

“The amount of fentanyl poisoning that is happening to Americans is a reason for impeachment in my book, not just of Mayorkas, but of Joe Biden himself,” Greene argued, before declaring that “These are the fights that I am ready to go on” with the help of McCarthy and the new Republican House.

Greene also acknowledged that the lengthy battle for McCarthy’s speakership – complete with large concessions from the establishment Republican to the 20 holdouts – was “important” for the country.

“There was an argument about the rules package,” Greene acknowledged, “I do think that was important for the American people, because they saw the fight on the camera.”

McCarthy officially became Speaker of the House of Representatives last week after 15 votes, making his the longest battle for the gavel since the Civil War.

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