New Poll Shows Loyalty to Trump as Top Priority For Republican Voters

Note: This article may contain commentary reflecting the author’s opinion.

A new CBS/YouGov poll finds the vast majority of Republican voters see loyalty to Donald Trump as an ‘important’ virtue heading into the new year.

“Most rank-and-file Republicans want to see at least some party loyalty toward Donald Trump. That extends beyond just the former president himself: Republicans overwhelmingly want the party to follow Trump’s policies and his views on 2020 — so there’s been little reassessment on that front since a year ago,” the poll reports.

These results are essentially the same as they were before the midterms. The poll finds 35 percent of Republicans see loyalty to Trump as ‘very important.’ Another 30 percent find it ‘somewhat important.’ Only 14 percent of Republicans think loyalty to Trump is ‘not important at all.’

Republicans are also loyal to Trump when it comes to January 6th.  When asked, “From what you have seen or heard from the House committee that investigated the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, do you think the Department of Justice should charge Trump with crimes,” Republicans overwhelmingly replied, “no.” 73 percent of Republicans feel Trump should not be charged. Indeed, a paltry 13 percent of Republicans contend that Trump ought to be charged.

This demonstrates what we already knew — the January 6th Committee is only convincing those already convinced. “Ultra-MAGA” Republicans realize Trump was not the cause of the events that transpired that day, and, as such, they will not hold Trump accountable for a crime he did not commit.

Voters also prefer candidates similar to Trump in terms of policy — 81 percent of Republican respondents prefer “Trumpian” Republicans to non-Trumpian Republicans. Trump’s policies have always been popular with the Republican base. And why would they not be?

Trump put America First, which resonated with the American people. As such, Republicans are done supporting America’s last politicians, who consistently failed to deliver the goods to the voting public.

Trump protected the American people, bolstered our economy, and defended our southern border. That’s why Republicans supported Trump and continue to see his vision as a bright way forward in the years ahead.