Ron DeSantis Sworn In For Second Term As Florida Governor: ‘Florida Is Where Woke Goes To Die’

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was sworn in for his second term on Tuesday after overwhelmingly beating his Democratic challenger in the 2022 midterms. 

“Freedom lives here, in our great Sunshine State of Florida!” DeSantis said during his inaugural address. “It lives in the courage of those who patrol the streets and keep our communities safe, it lives in the industry of those who work long hours to earn a living and raise their families, it lives in the dedication of those who teach our children, it lives in the determination of those who grow our food, it lives in the wisdom of our senior citizens, it lives in the dreams of the historic number of families who have moved from thousands of miles away because they saw Florida as the land of liberty and the land of sanity.”

“Over the past few years, as so many states in our country grinded their citizens down, we in Florida lifted our people up,” he continued. “When other states consigned their people’s freedom to the dustbin, Florida stood strongly as freedom’s linchpin. When the world lost its mind – when common sense suddenly became an uncommon virtue – Florida was a refuge of sanity, a citadel of freedom for our fellow Americans and even for people around the world. In captaining the ship of state, we choose to navigate the boisterous sea of liberty rather than cower in the calm docks of despotism.”

DeSantis went on to list some of his administration’s successes during his first term.

“[Florida is] #1 in these United States in net in-migration, Florida is the #1 fastest growing state, We are #1 in new business formations, Florida is #1 in tourism, We are #1 in economic freedom, Florida is #1 in education freedom,” he said. “And we rank #1 in parental involvement in education, Florida also ranks #1 in public higher education.”

DeSantis later criticized the “This bizarre, but prevalent, ideology that permeates these policy measures purports to act in the name of justice for the marginalized, but it frowns upon American institutions, it rejects merit and achievement, and it advocates identity essentialism.”

“We reject this woke ideology,” DeSantis continued. “We seek normalcy, not philosophical lunacy! We will not allow reality, facts, and truth to become optional.”

“We will never surrender to the woke mob,” he added. “Florida is where woke goes to die!

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