Ron DeSantis Takes The Fight to Woke Higher Ed, Demands CRT Documents

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Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) continues to push back against woke ideology in his state, even at the university level. The prominent Republican governor is pushing back against left-leaning public universities by requiring them to report all expenditures and resources pertaining to “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” as well as Critical Race Theory. 

Press Secretary for Ron DeSantis, Bryan Griffin, says, “All state university & college systems in Florida have been required to report expenditures and resources utilized for campus activities related to diversity, equity, and inclusion and critical race theory.” 

In an internal memo released by Griffin, Chris Spencer, Director of the Office of Policy and Budget, says, “As the executive office of the Governor prepares policy and budget proposals ahead of the 2023 Legislative Session, it is important that we have a full understanding of the operational expenses of state institutions.” 

Spencer claims this “full understanding” of expenses is due to the governor’s desire to ensure higher education spending is cost-effective. “Governor Ron DeSantis has prioritized a cost-effective higher education system that delivers high-quality service to Floridians to best prepare them for employment.” 

The letter also mentions that state law requires “dutiful attention to curriculum at our higher education systems,” making it clear that the DeSantis administration is invested in ensuring the quality of higher education within the state of Florida.

“To that effect, this letter is a request for information from the Department of Education and the State University System regarding the expenditure of state resources on programs and initiatives related to diversity, equity and inclusion, and critical race theory within our state colleges and universities,” the letter states.

To prioritize cost-effective learning, with the goal in mind of preparing students to join the workforce upon graduation, the DeSantis administration is asking that the Department of Education and the State University System hand over information regarding all expenditures related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and Critical Race Theory within all public higher education institutions. 

This required list of documents must include “all staff, programs, and campus activities” related to the criteria listed above. Complete documentation must also show the funding given to each program, along with a description, thorough documentation of the event/program, and state money used for the program. 

According to the letter, all institutions must submit the requested information by January 13th. This is yet another attempt from DeSantis to push back against an ever-growing leftist-leaning education system. 

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