Trump: House GOP’s Weaponization Committee Must Reveal Jan 6 ‘Federal Agents And Informants’

45th President Donald Trump is calling on the new House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government to reveal the “role of federal agents and informants” in sabotaging the election integrity protest that descended into chaos on January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol building.

In urging the newly formed House committee to investigate federal involvement in January 6, the 45th President specifically mentioned Ray Epps, who has been fingered as a possible federal agent or informant by an extensive series of Revolver News profiles.

“What was the role of federal agents and informants in pressing the crowd toward the Capitol on January 6, and who is Ray Epps? Tell me about Ray Epps. Where does he come from? I think we know,” the 45th President said.

Several reports have provided evidence which indicate that federal law enforcement was present within the crowd on January 6, allegedly orchestrating, animating, coordinating, or outright participating in violence at the Capitol.

Epps has been caught on numerous videos from January 6 appearing to coordinate violent activities on the front lines, and recently admitted during an interview with the partisan January 6 Commission that he had “orchestrated” the breach of the Capitol grounds.

Mainstream media pundits, law enforcement officials, and Epps himself insist that he is not in any way affiliated with the United States government.

Trump added said the newly formed House committee designed to uncover federal government abuses is an “opportunity to expose the breathtaking corruption of the security state, the media, and the Washington Swamp.”

“Joe Biden is presiding over the most corrupt administration in American history. Their weaponization of law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the Deep State is very, in fact, deep seeded,” President Trump added. “It’s the greatest threat American freedom in generations has seen.”

“This committee is a vital chance to bring it all to light, begin to heal our divisions and save our beloved country,” the 45th President said, thanking Republican Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan for “the love they have for our country.”

The committee was created this year at the behest of the 20 holdouts who delayed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s victory for days, and was a concession McCarthy agreed to in order to receive the gavel.

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