White House Pumps 3 Billion More Taxpayer Dollars Into Ukraine

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In a Thursday announcement, the Biden administration told the nation that it will be deploying another three billion dollar wave of military supplies, and materials to Ukraine to prop up the eastern European nation in its ongoing war with Russia.

Reports indicate that a military aid package includes fifty Bradley Fighting Vehicles valued at an overall amount of about $3.85 billion, according to Politico. On Friday, according to the White House, President Joe Biden authorized a $2.85 billion drawdown in “defense articles and services of the Department of Defense, and military education and training, to provide assistance to Ukraine.”

According to Newsmax, the announcement was made alongside German counterparts who plan to send Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, “There is no rational reason why Ukraine has not yet been supplied with Western tanks.”

Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz jointly “expressed their common determination to continue to provide the necessary financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support to Ukraine for as long as needed,” according to a White House statement. The US already announced the donation of a Patriot air defense missile battery to the Ukrainian military and the White House announced that Germany will send one as well.

Jack Detsch of Foreign Policy added additional detail via Twitter, “Biden admin’s $3 billion military aid package to Ukraine is set to include 50 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, 100 M113s, & 55 MRAPs, along with artillery and HIMARS ammo.”

The Department of Defense confirmed in a statement Friday that 500 TOW anti-tank missiles will accompany the Bradley Fighting vehicles. The complete package includes:

  • “50 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles with 500 TOW anti-tank missiles and 250,000 rounds of 25mm ammunition;
  • 100 M113 Armored Personnel Carriers;
  • 55 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAPs);
  • 138 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs);
  • 18 155mm self-propelled Howitzers and 18 ammunition support vehicles;
  • 70,000 155mm artillery rounds;
  • 500 precision-guided 155mm artillery rounds;
  • 1,200 155mm rounds of Remote Anti-Armor Mine (RAAM) Systems;
  • 36 105mm towed Howitzers and 95,000 105mm artillery rounds;
  • 10,000 120mm mortar rounds;
  • Additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS);
  • RIM-7 missiles for air defense;
  • 4,000 Zuni aircraft rockets;
  • Approximately 2,000 anti-armor rockets;
  • Sniper rifles, machine guns, and ammunition for grenade launchers and small arms;
  • Claymore anti-personnel munitions;
  • Night vision devices and optics;
  • Spare parts and other field equipment. “

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