Anti-War Protesters Crash Biden’s Dinner Out in Washington, DC: ‘I Hate To Bother You But People Are Dying’

President Joe Biden was treated to something usually reserved for conservatives when a left wing activist group harassed him during dinner.

A member of Code Pink, a group focused on ending foreign wars, interrupted President Biden’s dining by asking for peace in Ukraine. Unlike conservatives treated similarly, the wait staff rushed to block the woman’s camera from filming and asked the protester to leave the restaurant.

Fox News further reported:

Code Pink, a left wing activist group focused on ending foreign wars, confronted President Biden Saturday at a restaurant in Washington, D.C., over his handling of the Russia-Ukraine war. The protesters called on Biden to seek peace and an end to the war rather than escalation before being asked to leave by the establishment’s staff.

“President Biden, I hate to bother you, we need to end this war in Ukraine. We need to push through negotiations!” one protester shouted.

“I hate to bother you but people are dying,” she continued.

Code Pink posted a video of the incident on their Twitter profile. 

“WATCH: We ran into President Biden at dinner in DC – he can eat peace when there’s peace for the people and planet too,” the group tweeted.

he protester also called for the Biden administration to lift sanctions on Cuba.

“Please take Cuba off the state sponsor of terror list,” she said.

“I hate to bother you, I’ll happily leave but I hope that we push for peace talks and negotiations and take Cuba off the state sanctioned terrorist list,” she said. 

The United States’ support for Ukraine in its war against Russia has drawn increased criticism in recent months, with both conservatives and progressives growing increasingly wary of continued military aid to the embattled nation. Former President Trump has called for an end to the war, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also cautioned against a “blank-check” policy on aid to Ukraine. 

In Congress, around a dozen house Republicans introduced legislation calling on an end to continued U.S. support for Ukraine. On the political Left, Sen. Bernie Sanders has long cautioned against too much involvement in the war on behalf of the United States. Additionally, late last year 30 House Democrats penned a letter advocating for the Biden administration to pursue diplomatic solutions to bring the war to a close. 

Many on both sides of the aisle have expressed concerns that continued American involvement can lead to escalation between the U.S. and Russia, two nuclear superpowers. Supporters of the continued aid argue it is necessary to maintain Ukraine’s sovereignty and deter further aggression from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Recent polling shows some Americans are becoming more opposed to continued aid for Ukraine. According to a Pew Research survey conducted late last month, 25 percent of Americans say the U.S. is giving too much aid to Ukraine, up from 19 percent in September.

Code Pink’s protest drew mixed reactions online. Keith Olbermann, a progressive commentator, blasted the group.

“It’s hard to believe you could dishonor the name ‘Codepink’ but you have. You need to be yelling that at Putin, you naive children,” he tweeted.

Twitchy Team, a conservative aggregator, noted that much of the Left is turning on itself over Ukraine.

“LOL: The Left eating the Left is on the menu as Code Pink crashes Biden’s DC dinner,” they wrote.

Noam Blum, a conservative commentator, remarked “The thing Code Pink had to do to lose Olbermann is get mad at Biden lmao.”