Biden Does Nothing as Chinese Spy Balloon Flies Over ‘Sensitive’ Sites on American Soil

Using intel-gathering military equipment to mock the USA on American soil marks a serious escalation for the Chinese communists…And Joe Biden is doing nothing about it.

Joe Biden and his defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, are doing absolutely nothing to stop a Chinese spy balloon from flying over “a number of sensitive sites” on American soil, as the Chinese Communist Party continues to flex its muscle and influence over the US government.

Images are emerging of what the United States government says is a Communist Chinese spy balloon flying over “sensitive” military sites, though the Biden Pentagon admits they’re doing nothing to stop it.

Dismissing the risk of having a Communist Chinese spy balloon hovering over the United States of America, Joe Biden has publicly announced that he has no intention of ordering the spy balloon to be shot down, because it could pose a “risk to [the] safety and security of the people on the ground.”

As of Wednesday night, the spy balloon, which was first noticed on Tuesday, was hovering over the State of Montana, home to some of America’s most sensitive military sites, including those armed with nuclear weapons.

According to the Biden Administration, in leiu of shooting the balloon down, the US is “taking steps” to “protect against foreign intelligence collection of sensitive information,” amidst the Chinese spy venture, and will “continue to monitor the balloon.”

The Chinese spy balloon, which entered the United States over its border with Canada, has shone a light on an increasing border vulnerability for the US, as the nation’s northern neighbor continues opening itself up to the World Economic Forum and their Chinese Communist Party associates.

In recent years, several reports have emerged placing Chinese military leadership in Canada. In some instances, the Canadian military has run drills alongside Communist China’s People’s Liberation Army, a politicized military that is seen as quite possiblly THE top threat to world peace and American sovreignty on the global stage.

As National File has extensively reported, in addition to the subversion of Canada, the Chinese Communist Party and its People’s Liberation Army have used a vast network of globalist influence operations to seize control of vast swaths of America’s government.

Among those linked to the Chinese Communist Party by way of National File’s investigative reporting are members of both political parties, including GOP Rep. Don Bacon, a former Air Force Brigadier General who sits on the House Armed Services Committee and is frequently touted as a heavy hitter in foreign and military policy by the GOP establishment.