BIG TWIST: Hunter Biden’s Questionable Apartment Application 

In the middle of January, a fuss broke out concerning an application form signed by Hunter Biden in 2018 to look for a rental residence in California. 

The address mentioned on the form was the same as his driver’s license address which happens to be Joe Biden’s house in Wilmington, Delaware. 

This is the same residence where the FBI found several confidential documents. The form also revealed that the “monthly rent” on his “current residence” was $49,910.

Several conservatives started inquiring why Hunter Biden gave around $50,000 per month as rent money to his father, Joe Biden. However, the leftist “fact-checkers” still defended the Bidens.

It should also be noted that the leftist “fact-checkers” completely ignored Hunter’s lies in the document. When Hunter was asked about his criminal history, he did not mention his arrest back in 1988 over illegal drug possession.

The background screening form Hunter Biden filled out in 2018 that claimed he was paying $49,910 a month in rent to Joe Biden was part of an apartment application he fraudulently filled out for his ne’er-do-well cousin …— American Greatness (@theamgreatness) January 26, 2023

According to reporters from Washington Free Beacon, Hunter instructed his assistant Katie Dodge to fill up the application form while only giving her 45 minutes to complete it.

Then comes the shady part, Hunter was trying to help his cousin Caroline Biden, the daughter of James Biden, Joe’s brother. 

The application form was actually an attempt to secure an apartment for Caroline. Back in 2017, Caroline pleaded guilty to purchasing makeup worth over $100,000 using a stolen credit card.

She was looking to serve her probation period in California; however, she would definitely have failed the “never been charged” question.

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