Breaking: Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Georges Bergès Turns Down The Request From House Oversight Committee To Provide The Track of Hunter’s Shady Transactions 

Credits: Georges Bergès

The House Oversight Committee demanded Hunter Biden’s art dealer, Georges Bergès, for information regarding Hunter’s art sales and the anonymous buyers, but Bergès refused. 

Hunter, who is currently under investigation for tax fraud, during his father’s presidency, he evidently sold nearly 12 paintings for $500,000 each. The GOP members have slammed the sales as it is a way for wealthy people to get fame or power.

However, the lack of assistance from Bergès has provoked GOP lawmakers to carry out more severe investigations into the issue. 

The GOP member from Kentucky and Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, demanded Georges Bergès to vow in front of congress and provide relevant information on the art sales in Jan. 2022. 

Comer had told Breitbart News that he was 95% sure that Hunter’s art buyers are none other than the Chinese, which also indicates President Joe Biden’s involvement.

The art industry is very well known for its debased and shady activities. A Senate subcommittee once reported that the art industry is a basic way to perform money laundering without being caught. 

Comer stated: 

“Why would anyone pay Hunter Biden top dollar for artwork that is arguably worthless? He’s no Pablo Picasso. Foreign adversaries, including China, have used transactions involving sham art sales to launder money & evade sanctions.”

GOP is currently investigating Hunter for severe infringements such as money laundering and wire fraud and then comes his scandalous art sales. All those probes have provoked Comer to look into Hunter’s bank records having nearly 150 wire transfers that were marked as suspicious by the U.S. banks as they were linked with Biden family business settlements in other nations like China.