Clintons Launch ‘Digital Cash’ Program In India To ‘Fight Climate Change’

Losing 2016 Democrat nominee for President Hillary Clinton appeared in India this week to announce the launching of a $50 million Clinton Global Initiative project aimed at promoting ‘digital cash’ to fight ‘climate change’.

Looking stranger than anyone can remember in recent history, Hillary appears in the video below to say…

“Today, I’m proud to announce that the Clinton Global Initiative, started by my husband, will work closely with SEWA and with our partners the America-India Foundation, the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center, the Desai Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, and the Algorand Foundation to launch a $50 million Global Climate Resilience Fund for Women,”

Hillary Clinton on new Clinton Global Initiative ‘Digital Cash’ program

See that full video below…

These are some of the largest charities in the world, also controlled by some of the richest people on Earth. The fact that they are teaming up with the Clintons may reflect a coming re-entrance into politics.

It was before the 2016 Election that Hillary’s ‘Clinton Foundation’ began to rack up projects and donations the likes of which the organization had ever seen.

It was pay to play, influence peddling from the Clintons. How in the hell is a digital currency controlled by central world government entities going to help a darn thing?

Nothing more than a money grab, and another instance of the Clintons using false charity in order to portray a distortion of their generosity.

Is Clinton planning another political run? If so, why can’t she take the hint? She is undoubtedly the most unpopular human being to win a party nomination in my lifetime.

Another run would simply add insult to injury. To the United States, and the Clintons.