HUGE RELIEF! DeSantis Proposes Sales Tax Exemption On Several Household Necessities

Credits: Matias J. Ocner, Nickis

On Wednesday, the GOP Governor from Florida, Ron DeSantis, proposed a fresh $114.8 billion budget that would permanently waive off the sales tax on several items such as gas stoves, pet medications, and baby necessities. 

DeSantis brought forward the “Framework for Freedom Budget” for the fiscal year 2023-2024, which would be responsible for $1.5 billion in tax cuts. These tax exemptions will include numerous temporary and four permanent tax cuts.

The permanent tax cuts program would be applied to cooking stoves, medications for pets, and baby necessities, such as strollers and cribs.

The Republican Governor’s tax exemption measure aims to reduce costs while putting the money back in the hands of Floridians. 

During a press briefing on Wednesday, DeSantis claimed:

“It’s hard enough raising kids as it is. Now, you get baby food, diapers, wipes, baby clothes, the whole shebang, including things like cribs and strollers, which are very, very expensive. So that is going to be permanently tax-free in the state of Florida. We’re also doing a permanent exclusion on all over-the-counter pet medications because they’re parts of our families too.”

DeSantis continued:

“And then we just added – because I think it needs to be done – no tax permanently on gas stoves. They want your gas stove, and we’re not going to let that happen. It’s just the principle of, you know, this is ridiculous. And they do want to go after it. They got blowback, so they kind of had to back off.”

DeSantis also stated: 

“We’re also doing one-year sales tax holidays for household items under $25.