Hunter Biden’s laptop has been in the public domain for over 2 years and yet new discoveries are still being made. The latests shameful revelation from the man Joe Biden says is “the smartest person I know” shows the illegitimate preside

The NY Post reports:

Hunter Biden slipped his legal assistant thousands of dollars under the table while the two were in a sexual relationship over several months in 2018 and 2019, text messages recovered from the first son’s laptop show.

The assistant, whom The Post is not naming, is one of at least four women who hooked up with Hunter while on his payroll — including his sister-in-law Hallie, her sister Liz Secundy, and baby mama Lunden Roberts — according to a report by right-wing nonprofit research group Marco Polo.

The first son kept images of him having sex with the assistant in or around June 2018 on his notorious “laptop from hell,” which was first brought to light by The Post in an explosive 2020 report.

If this “legal assistant” was being paid for nothing but sex, doesn’t that make her a hooker? I think so and The NY Post should absolutely name her since prostitution is a crime that she clearly engaged in.

As for the money:

The Marco Polo report states that the assistant received a regular salary from the Owasco firm between mid-June and early October 2018. However, during the same period, the assistant also received wires from the firm totaling almost $45,000 with mysterious explanations — including “new hire,” “8k wage,” “10k golf member,” and “Pay.”

This is on top of the $30,000 Hunter blew on Russian hookers in the same time period. His “assistant” must have been quite special to make more that a bevy Kremlin consorts. Unfortunately, Hunter began to lose interest in her as emails show:

However, the assistant’s money appeared to have run out by early 2019, when reported she emailed Hunter’s secretary Katie Dodge to complain that she had not received her most recent paycheck and her dentist hadn’t accepted her Owasco insurance.

“Because of these two incidents, I’m curious to know if I have been terminated from this position,” the woman told Dodge. “… I haven’t been able to get any contact with Hunter so I am completely in the dark.”

But Hunter still had a soft spot for his #1 girl:

On March 7, more than two months later, Hunter sent the woman $1,000 via Apple Pay, asking “Does this work” and adding that the money was “Just for small stuff.”

“Appreciate it. Anything helps,” the woman replied. “I’ve really been scraping by the last month or so. I haven’t even paid my rent yet.”

After sending her another $1,500, Hunter offered her an arrangement: “I will bake [sic] up for back pay. You have to make up for back work.

“By [FaceTime]ing me and/or going to our next-club party,” he added.

Two days later, on the morning of March 9, Hunter sent his assistant $500 and told her: “If we [FaceTime] the rule has to be no talk of anything but sex and we must be naked and we have to do whatever the other person asks within reason.”

After sending her another $750, Hunter asked: “Deal?”

Nearly five hours later, the woman responded: “When can you talk? I can later tonight.”

During the pair’s video chat, text messages show Hunter lavishing her with compliments and smaller amounts of money — totaling $155 and bringing the grand total over the previous two days to $3,905.

“I love your hair and/Pretty much everything else,” Hunter wrote in a pair of messages before telling the assistant to “Show me how you play with yourself/When you’re all alone.”

“We can have a contest to see who c-ms first,” he offers in a follow-up. “If you win you get 100 and if I win I just win/Everyone wins in this game.”

Is this guy a romantic, or what?

Actually, he’s a total piece of shit, who was living at Joe Biden’s Delaware home at the time and had access to the classified documents stored in the garage. Considering he was likely compromised, like Eric Swalwell, by sleeping with a Chinese spy, his scumbaggery is a national security threat. I wish the House Republicans would get off their asses and take this motherf*cker (probably) out.