Hunter Biden’s Corrupt Friends Get Him Out Of Trouble

The infamous Chinese-connected art dealer associated with Hunter Biden has declined to appear before Congress, claiming the need to speak with legal counsel.

Georges Bergès, who referred to Hunter as an “American tale,” said on Thursday that he had received the letter from the House Oversight Committee from the previous day asking for his participation before the inquiry panel.

“The Georges Bergès Gallery received a letter this week from the head of the House Oversight Committee of the U.S. 118th Congress,” according to Bergès, who spoke to Fox News.

“The integrity of our artists as well as the privacy of our art collectors have always been and will always be my only emphasis,” he said. “At this time I can’t make a comment so I’m going to direct you to my lawyers.”

It is yet unknown if Bergès will testify after getting a subpoena from the committee or not

According to reports, Hunter sold at least five works of art for $75,000 to unidentified purchasers in 2021. The prices of Hunter’s creations may reach $500,000.

James Comer, the chair of the House Oversight Committee and a Republican from Kentucky told Breitbart News in 2022 that he is “95 percent convinced” that Chinese people are purchasing Hunter’s artwork, potentially implicating President Biden.

Comer is looking into possible breaches involving the Biden family, including wire fraud and money laundering. Due to those inquiries, Comer requested Hunter’s bank records. In those data, 150 questionable wire transactions involving business dealings between the Biden family and overseas countries including China were noted by U.S. institutions.

The art market is notorious for its unethical and dubious activities. In 2020, a report from a U.S. Senate panel explained how the art industry is used as a money laundering tool.

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