Kamala Harris Pushes For Gun Roundups

In the aftermath of three horrific shootings that have shaken the state and the country yet defy talking lines about gun control or extremism, Vice President Kamala Harris is heading to California on Wednesday.

According to The Los Angeles Times:

“In order to pay tribute to the victims of one of the three horrific shootings that have devastated her home state this week, Vice President Kamala Harris will head to Monterey Park on Wednesday.”

“At a memorial for the 11 persons shot and murdered by a shooter at a dance studio on Saturday night as part of a Lunar New Year party, Harris will lay a wreath. She will speak with the relatives of the deceased and Brandon Tsay, a 26-year-old employee who took down the shooter at a second dance club.”

“Less than two days later, seven more individuals were slain in two shootings in Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County, while the neighborhood mourned during a candlelight vigil. A 67-year-old man is accused of opening fire at two local farms on Monday that were approximately a mile apart, killing several of the victims in front of surrounding kids who had just gotten out of school. Chunli Zhao, the shooting suspect, was thought to work at one of the farms. A reason for those shootings has not been given by the police.”

In the aftermath of the massacre, both the Biden admin. and Governor Gavin Newsom (D) have reaffirmed their support for stricter gun control regulations, but it is unclear how such measures would have been able to stop the killings. A gun that was reportedly used in the killing in Monterey Park was already prohibited in California.

Furthermore, Republican receptivity to additional features like background checks for individuals under 21 but without a rifle age restriction or a ban on “assault weapons” reached a high point with the recent signing by President Biden of a bipartisan gun control bill.

Due to the Second Amendment’s limitations on how far the government may restrict gun ownership, even Newsom’s ambitious gun control legislation has lately gotten into legal problems.

Nevertheless, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized on Tuesday that the government will utilize the mass murders to redouble its efforts to force through Congress more stringent gun control measures.

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