Lori Lightfoot Criticized for Viral Dancing Video Amid Rising Crime Rates

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is again under fire — this time for posting a video of herself in a choreographed dance and music routine as part of a Lunar New Year parade.

The video seemed to be an attempt to bolster poll numbers in advance of what the Washington Examiner described as a “contentious primary election” scheduled for next month.

Lightfoot is seeking a second term.

Lightfoot’s Twitter post featured the mayor dancing with a drumline as part of the city’s Saturday parade. The tweet went viral as critics slammed Lightfoot for misplaced priorities, noting the mass exodus of businesses and rising crime.

Lightfoot used the dance routine to drum up support, tweeting: “It’s time to vote! Thanks to the Kaotic Drumline for kicking off the party this morning.”

Lightfoot added: “One month until Election Day, Chicago! Let’s do this thing.”

Lightfoot has been criticized for not taking responsibility for the city’s mounting problems. Last August, Lightfoot said Chicago did not have a crime problem.

However, according to data from the Chicago Police Department, the city has noted over 6,000 crimes in just the first four weeks of January, a 59% increase over the same period last year. 

The report also noted that Chicago had reported record increases in motor vehicle thefts (166%), robberies (25%), and sexual assaults (25%). Overall, crime is up 41% in the windy city.

Notably, Outkick founder Clay Travis named Lightfoot the “worst mayor in America.”

Source: https://resistthemainstream.com/watch-lori-lightfoot-slammed-for-viral-dancing-video-amid-rising-crime-rates/