NAME AND SHAME: Here Are the 100 Democrats that Refuse to Denounce the ‘Horrors of Socialism’

One hundred House Democrats refused to support a resolution denouncing socialism on Thursday. The measure was introduced by Rep. Maria Salazar, and condemns socialist policies and human rights violations under regimes in the Soviet Union, North Korea, Venezuela, China, and elsewhere.

In total, 86 Democrats voted against a Republican-led resolution while 14 voted “present.”

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy spoke out on the vote on Thursday:

“There’s a hundred Democrats who won’t stand up against socialism,” Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy noted. “That’s a real concern to me and America today. That wasn’t a college vote, on a college campus, that was a vote in the U.S. congress that 100 couldn’t say socialism is wrong. That’s a scary point of view.”

Below is a list of the Democrats who refused to denounce socialism: