New York Times’ Piece Shows Democrats Are Doubting Kamala Harris’ Ability to Help Biden Win a Second Term

You know the liberal love-affair with the first woman VPOTUS is mangled, tangled and under some stress when The New York Times is even wondering if her career and reputation are worth salvaging or if they need someone else to reinvigorate the electorate.

The Times on Monday published a headliner putting Harris’ ability and competence into question, even going as far as to add some well connected Democrats to the list of those wondering if the current VP should be ditched at the upcoming 2024 convention so she doesn’t drag down Biden’s odds.

The article went on to accuse Harris of having a difficult time attempting to “define her vice presidency. Even her allies are tired of waiting.” Not what you want to hear from a flagship liberal publication right before a general election cycle is about to start.

“But the painful reality for Ms. Harris is that in private conversations over the last few months, dozens of Democrats in the White House, on Capitol Hill and around the nation — including some who helped put her on the party’s 2020 ticket — said she had not risen to the challenge of proving herself as a future leader of the party, much less the country.”

Who are some of these Democrats who have probably now made enemies of Kamala if they weren’t on her list of foes already?

Someone willing to put their name out there was John Morgan, a longtime Democratic fundraiser who believes that Harris’ disappointing record from her first term will create “one of the most hard-hitting arguments against Biden.”

Apart from her abysmal (one could say nonexistent) effort to manage the crippling immigration crisis at our south border, Democrats are unsure if Harris would perform any better in a leadership position if she were forced to assume the office of the POTUS.

Yes, Democrats are now starting to admit that Biden’s age and obvious cognitive decline are creating a situation for them they can no longer run from.

“It doesn’t take a genius to say, ‘Look, with his age, we have to really think about this,’” said Morgan.

“I can’t think of on thing she’s done,” he continued, “except stay out of the way and stand beside him at certain ceremonies.”

Fox News cited multiple polls which indicate that she is largely unfavorable among American voters, with only “39% of Americans saying they approve” of the VP.

This shouldn’t make Democrats think that Biden will be able to carry her weight to victory though. A recent survey from FiveThirtyEight shows Biden with a current disapproval rating of 52%.

Will Biden Switch His Vice President?

Rumblings of President Biden considering choosing another VP to be part of his 2024 ticket aren’t new inside the beltway.

While the rumors persist, especially as Biden disproved rumors that he was considering not running for a consecutive term, which he has unequivocally stated he plans on doing in 2024, there are enough political commentators out there claiming that Biden is still bringing Harris along with him, either happily or not.

“The job is inherently subservient — the only thing worse than embarrassing the president is outshining him — and the office almost always diminishes its occupant,” says columnist Mark Barabak at the Los Angelas Times. “Enter as a respected governor or U.S. senator and soon you’re transformed in the public eye to a lapdog, a nullity or an anchor on the administration.”

As far as the replacement-rumors go, Barabak isn’t convinced, going as far as to say “No matter that Biden has given every sign — in both public and private — that he plans to seek reelection with Harris by his side. The conversations that have taken place regarding 2024 have all been grounded in the presumption she will be on the Democratic ticket, according to several people familiar those discussions. There has been no talk, they said, of a replacement.”

Democratic strategist Dan Newman from California, familiar with Harris from her time as the Senator for his state, also doesn’t think these rumors are grounded in anything factual.

“I think there is zero chance she will be replaced,” he said, believing the whispers and rumblings to be nothing more than “a bunch of hullabaloo about nothing.”

New York Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf put his assurance even more blunt, saying “If Biden is running for reelection, then she remains.”