Video: Biden Says “More Than Half The Women In My Administration Are Women”

Biden spoke about sexual assaults on women with Bill Clinton standing awkwardly behind him

During an appearance at the White House with former president Bill Clinton, the current incumbent bragged that more than half of the women in his administration are… women.

It was another gaffe filled shit show from the now 80 year old Biden who first welcomed Clinton to “the United States Congress” despite being in the White House:

Biden then dropped another pearler that will go down in history with the great presidential quotes:

The statement is weirdly quite on point:

Biden was talking about women in regards to the 30th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act, which Clinton signed into law in 1993.

Things got awkward when Biden started talking about sexual assaults on women:

Earlier, Kamala Harris made another of her kindergarten teacher style speeches, lauding how much Clinton has helped women progress: