Watch: Biden Grabs Brazilian President’s Wife During Meeting At White House (Video)

President Joe Biden welcomed new President of Brazil Lula Da Silva to the White House over the weekend. During his visit, Biden met with Lula and his wife.

Cameras captured the scene as Biden could not keep his hands off of Lula’s wife. After greeting with Lula, Biden lags behind the Brazilian President and grabs ahold of his wife’s hand.

See that strange, cringeworthy clip below. Biden seems to require a guide to walk in a straight line.

The two leaders said that the ‘storming’ of the U.S. Capitol in 2021 was ultimately the cause of the Brazilian situation that occurred just months ago.

Lula had this to say about the incident and meeting Biden…

“I (could never) have imagined that it could happen in US, in North America, the invasion of the Capitol. As I never could imagine that in Brazil, after a democratic procession with elections, we could have an invasion of the Congress, the supreme court and the presidential palace.”Lula quote on Biden meeting

Biden added the following about meeting Lula…

“Both of our nations’ strong democracies have been tested of late, very much tested, and our institutions put in jeopardy,” Biden told Lula in the Oval Office on Friday. “But in both the United States and Brazil, democracy prevailed.”Biden to Brazilian President Lula

Despite all the political rhetoric espoused by the two, very few people have brought up the fact that Biden simply could not keep his hands off of the First Lady of Brazil.

Is this the conduct we expect from a President of the United States? If Biden was not a Democrat, imagine the media uproar.

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