WATCH: Biden Humiliates Himself, Trips and Falls AGAIN While Boarding Air Force One

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden was seen once again falling while boarding Air Force One upon his departure from Poland. This marks the second time that the president has fallen while attempting to board his plane leading to many questioning his fitness for office as many Americans worry for his health.

Biden can be seen climbing the stairs up to the entryway of the aircraft when, about three-fourths the way up, he is seen tripping. He makes a quick recovery and proceeds to look back and wave to those on the tarmac before entering the plane.

“Americans can be proud of Joe Biden as he leaves Poland to great fanfare!” wrote President Trump on Truth Social.

“Joe Biden trips and falls up the stairs again while boarding Air Force One,” wrote Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX). “Embarrassing.”

“On the left: President Trump boards his plane heading to East Palestine, OH,” wrote Trump War Room on Twitter. “On the right: President Biden trips up the stairs trying to leave Poland. America, the choice is yours!”

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