Were They A Threat? Biden White House Releases Update About UFOs Shot Down Over Canada, Alaska

In a Tuesday press briefing, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told the American people that the U.S. intelligence community now considers the three unidentified flying objects shot down on the order of President Joe Biden over Deadhorse, Alaska; Yukon, Canada; and Lake Huron, to be “used for commercial or benign purposes.”

Kirby explained that this determination was made based on images of the objects and is a preliminary one pending recovery of debris, according to NBC News.

The spokesman added, “I want to caveat that we haven’t found the debris. We’re still doing the best we can with the observations that were made by the pilots, with the flight profile data that we’ve tried to collect.”

Almost immediately a torrent of severe criticism began to flow toward the White House, adding to renewed doubts about Biden’s capacity to lead the nation.

As Streiff writing for RedState, who is experienced as a former U.S. Army infantry officer, CGSC grad, and Army Operations Center alum, wrote:

He added, “In all seriousness, it is obvious that NORAD is a seething, effervescent puddle of failure and incompetence. Shortly after the actual Chinese spy balloon was shot down, NORTHCOM/NORAD commander General Glen VanHerck had this to offer, ‘I will tell you we did not detect those threats [the previous alleged Chinese violations of US airspace] and that’s a domain awareness gap we have to figure out.’”

Streiff’s assertions would seem to hold at first look, with Fox News reporting that not only were the three ‘benign’ objects shot down evidently without Biden being fully aware of what the Air Force was shooting at but compounded by the fact that the first missile fired at the object over Lake Huron missed, according to Fox News.

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