All-American Company First to Offer Frozen AND Freeze-Dried Beef as Food Crisis Worsens

With concerns over the food supply hitting Americans, quality proteins like beef are at top of mind. Now, a veteran-owned company launched this year with a unique product, selling both freeze-dried beef cubes for long-term storage as well as frozen beef for the short-term.

And they all come from the same Texas cows. has partnered with Barnard Beef Cattle Co. to ship, well… the whole cow. They cut, package, and freeze steaks, roasts, ribs, and ground beef and deliver them in freezer boxes directly to customers’ doors.

They also produce beef cubes from high-quality cuts; no filler beef is used for their freeze-dried product. This is why each quarter pound serving of rehydrated beef cubes has 24 ounces of protein. Compare this to other long-term storage beef products that are nearly half-fat.

All products are currently on sale with launch prices through the end of the week. Those who use promo code “texasbeef” at checkout will receive an addition 15% off. On top of that, they all get free shipping.

Eat well today. Eat well tomorrow.

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