Biden tries to blame Republicans for fentanyl, cutting border security, it boomerangs BIGLY

President Joe Biden took another cheap shot at “MAGA Republicans,” a favorite pejorative term that he often uses since trotting it out last year for dramatic effect, but he may have gone to the hole one time too many after he scapegoated conservatives for wanting to defund border security in a weekend tweet that boomeranged badly.

On Saturday night, Biden or whoever runs his social media accounts sent out the image of the nation’s 46th president in his trademark aviator sunglasses as he shook the hand of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer, a scene from January when he made his first and only visit to the site of the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe and crossover zone for the dangerous illicit drug fentanyl that has cut a swath across America, killing tens of thousands and laying waste to countless families.

“MAGA House Republican proposals would slash funding for border security – a move that could allow nearly 900 pounds of fentanyl into our country,” read Biden’s tweet. “We need more resources to secure the border. Not less.”

The Biden tweet seemed to be a jab at the House Freedom Caucus, or as the White House referred to them in a March 20 statement, “extreme MAGA House Republicans,” who the administration accused of making the border less secure with its budget proposal, claiming that the conservative GOP caucus’s proposal “would eliminate funding for more than 2,000 Customs and Border Protection agents and officers and severely undermine our ability to secure the border and combat drug trafficking—allowing an additional 150,000 pounds of cocaine, nearly 900 pounds of fentanyl, nearly 2,000 pounds of heroin, and more than 17,000 pounds of methamphetamine into our country.”

After they were smeared by the spinmeisters at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, the Freedom Caucus clapped back on Twitter.

“All the money in the world won’t stop the flow of fentanyl and illegal crossings if the President won’t enforce the laws to secure the border,” the conservative Republicans wrote in response at the time.

To say that Biden’s effort to distort reality by blaming those who actually care about the ongoing catastrophe at the border didn’t go over well would be a monumental understatement as Twitter took the misleader in chief to the woodshed.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake may have come up short in her election bid but she perfectly understands the problems at the porous border are the direct result of Biden’s failed policies, and she laid into the geriatric career politician.

“We are losing a generation of Americans to the poison of fentanyl because this buffoon purposefully opened our border to allow our country to be invaded,” Lake wrote. “That blood is on your hands, Joe. Close the Border. Shut Your Mouth. Save Lives.”

“This blatant projection comes from a man who invited lawlessness to our southern border, leading to the fentanyl-poisoning deaths of 110,000 Americans last year. Disgraceful,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) tweeted.

“This must be a parody tweet…,” wrote former White House press secretary and Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany.

Additional reactions rolled in from Twitter users who washed away Biden’s big lie with a tidal wave of mockery and scorn.

Facing criticism for his administration’s lethargic response to border security, Biden finally caved in and paid a visit to El Paso where local authorities cleaned up the streets for his quick stopover and photo op on the way to Mexico for the North American Leaders’ Summit in January.

The month before, in December, the president made the excuse that he hadn’t visited the southern border because “there are more important things going on.” At the time, he had made nearly sixty trips to Delaware.

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