Black Commentator: Media Is “Inventing New Forms Of Racism To Cover Up The Fact That Anti-white Racism Is Out Of Control”

“They gotta come up with this stuff because they are hiding from the fact that anti-black racism has decreased”

Following backlash directed toward a CNN piece that claimed using memes of black people’s reactions is ‘digital blackface’, commentator Jason Whitlock, who is black, argued that the media is desperately trying to cover up a surge in anti-white racism by inventing new forms of anti-black racism.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Whitlock stated “There is just not enough racism and so they are inventing new forms of racism.”

“The next thing CNN will be telling us is about digital lynching. And digital lynching is when someone criticizes Barack Obama or Michelle Obama or Stacey Abrams or Kamala Harris. And then they’ll have digital slavery and that will be when Trump returns to Twitter and someone likes a Trump tweet. That’s digital slavery,” Whitlock continued.

“And there will be systemic digital racism and that is when Elon Musk purchased Twitter and quit shadowbanning conservatives. That is systemic digital racism,” he added.

“They gotta come up with this stuff because they are hiding from the fact — they are trying to cover the fact that while anti-black racism has decreased in America, and everybody can see it, anti-white racism increased in America and anybody that does not have their head in the sand, buried, can see that,” Whitlock further asserted.

“And so they’re covering up the fact that anti-white racism is out of control. The president’s doing it, everybody over on social media is doing it and they want to hide from it by creating ‘digital black face’,” Whitlock concluded, adding “It is a joke, Tucker, it is a scam.”


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