BREAKING: It’s Been Leaked Why Joe Biden Is Furious With Kamala Harris

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Leaked information from inside the White House reveals why President Joe Biden is reportedly furious with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Two former White House officials confirmed Biden’s frustration stems from her failing to “rise to the occasion” or “take anything off his plate.”

Harris has gained a reputation as the worst vice president in U.S. history with an approval rating of 28 percent. Business Insider reports this is a “historic low for any modern vice president.” Biden’s approval rating is also extremely low at just 38 percent.

A former White House official told Reuters, “A point of tension in their relationship is that I don’t think that the president sees her as somebody who takes anything off of his plate” due to a “fear of messing up.”

Harris reportedly refuses to take on any risky assignments.

Another former White House official said, “If he did not think she was capable, he would not have picked her. But it is a question of consistently rising to the occasion,” that former official said.

“I think his running for re-election is less about her and more about him, but I do think that she and the Democratic bench [are] a factor.”

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A third former White House official defended Harris, however, and pointed to her role in advocating for legal access to abortion after the Supreme Court last year ended federally guaranteed access as something Harris took off Biden’s plate.

Biden has made a point of praising Harris recently — after prior reports that he’s been frustrated with her apparent reluctance to embrace an assignment to reduce record-breaking illegal immigration.

“You know, our outstanding vice president, you’ve shattered so many barriers and did it mostly on your own,” Biden told Harris on Wednesday evening at a Women’s History Month event.

“You know, San Francisco, first woman district attorney. California’s first woman attorney general. Doug, you have had such an incredible partner in this historic progress.”

On Thursday, Biden said at an event celebrating the 13th anniversary of former President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law, “Kamala, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done to defend this law as vice president,” without specifying what that was.

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