Breaking News: Hunter Biden’s Associate Gets Arrested In Cyprus And Provided “Shocking” Information To Authorities About Biden Family

An official from the defense department has revealed that the imprisonment of Prof. Gal Luft in Cyprus under the accusations of illegal smuggling of arms to Libya and China, was none other than an attempt by Biden and his management to censor him.

Luft is an Israeli professor, he proclaims that he got arrested under an Interpol Red Notice as per the commands of the U.S. He also claims that the reason for his arrest was his cooperation in investigations into Hunter Biden’s business activities. 

As per the reports, Back in March 2019, professor Luft submitted information to the Justice Department about the Biden family including president Biden, his son, and his brother Jim Biden. 

However, several might ignore the accusations on Luft as empty threats as his connections with CEFC China Energy indicates that he might hold relevant information about the Bidens. 

Moreover, an attorney acting for Luft has expressed that he plans to submit the information regarding Luft’s case to Congress. 

Luft’s lawyer, Mordechai Tzivin, claims that Luft’s imprisonment was politically driven to stop him from giving delicate information regarding the corruption of President Biden and his son Hunter Biden. 

He claimed:

“The arrest came four years after Luft cooperated with FBI and Department of Justice investigators to help them with information about the case.”

On Sunday, Tzivin stated that Luft could “bury Hunter Biden, that’s why they’re trying to bury him first.”

He continued claiming:

“if it were Russia, this would’ve already been a diplomatic collision… it’s not unreasonable to think that the Democrats or some of their peers would like him gone.”

Tzivin claimed:

“His testimony will be very devastating, it will divert attention to the president himself as well.”

Luft tweeted last month on February 18th: 

“I’ve been arrested in Cyprus on a politically motivated extradition request by the US. The US, claiming I’m an arms dealer. It would be funny if it weren’t tragic. I’ve never been an arms dealer. DOJ is trying to bury me to protect Joe,Jim&Hunter Biden. Shall I name names?”

However, he has not tweeted since the 18th of February 2023. 

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