BREAKING:  Texas Secretary Of State Announces Election Restructuring Signaling Imminent Exit From ERIC system

In the latest State move to abandon ERIC, Texas SoS  Jane Nelson announced a significant restructuring of the election division, allowing the State to manage it’s own voter rolls

In Friday’s announcement, Nelson discloses the creation of a new Director of Election Division position which will develop and manage an interstate voter registration cross-check program.

Spotting voters who have moved to other States has been one of ERIC’s responsibilities for their 31 member States, and a job that many say is not being done. 

In February, Alabama Secretery of State Wes Allen visited ERIC’s HQ offices and found no employees and no servers, leaving many asking where the data for millions of voters is being housed.

In Georgia, thousands of voters have been focused on questions surrounding voting systems and processes.   Many are now asking why Georgia is staying with ERIC while it appears that nearly 20% of member States have already terminated or will be leaving soon.