A real estate developer who has lived in Portland, Oregon, his entire life said he is moving away after he came to work over the weekend to find multiple bullet holes that had penetrated a window behind his chair.

After seeing the decline of the once-great American city he has always called home and finally reaching his limit, Dustin Michael Miller said on Instagram that he is making an exit plan.

The video was posted by the community journalism page @pdx.real and showed a fiery Miller explain his decision to bail on the democrat communist/globalist-run city.

The video tagged Portland police as well as far-left Mayor Ted Wheeler, whose embrace of anarchists saw the city face 100 nights of riots in 2020.

He said:

Alright, Portland, I’m done with you. I’m over. This has gotta stop, OK?

Miller sat in a chair he said he usually works at and revealed three bullet holes in the window directly behind him.

He said:

I work right here a lot during the day. Well, look what happened last night. Those are bullet holes!

He said passionately:

If I was here, they would be in the back of my head right now. I can’t deal with this anymore!

Miller took viewers on a quick tour of his office, which he said he intends to vacate soon.

He said:

I’m out. I’m out. I’m looking at properties to buy, and I’m not dealing with this s*** anymore. I’m over it.

Miller’s video was seen by producers at Fox News, who asked him to come on Monday morning on Fox & Friends First.

He explained that in his estimation, the city has been on the decline for years.

He said:

This is absolute madness.

He told the network:

Our city is out of control. It is unrecognizable. I’ve lived here my whole life, and it’s just deteriorated over the last five years.

Aside from coming to work to find someone had fired a weapon through his window, Miller complained of the city’s rampant homelessness and crime.

Miller did not get into the subject of his personal politics, but the majority of the city’s voters are getting exactly what they voted for.

Wheeler narrowly won re-election in 2020.

But the race featured only terrible candidates whose politics were so extreme he was the best bad option.

City leaders have no apparent issue with running job creators like Miller—and Walmart—out of town. The retailer announced last week that it is leaving the city altogether, citing a rise in thefts.

On its current trajectory, Portland could soon have only skateboard-wielding antifa thugs and blue-haired liberal arts majors to tax into oblivion.

Final thought: Miller, I strongly suggest, wherever you settle anew, you leave the broken politics of Portland behind. OR only unpack the boxes containing your short-term needs.