DeSantis Promises Big Things Are Coming

As the Florida legislature began the 2023 Legislative Session on Tuesday, Governor Ron DeSantis (R) of Florida gave a State of the State address.

“According to the Constitution, I have a responsibility to inform the legislature on the state of the state and suggest policies that will benefit the people. Well, as we used to do in the military, let’s get right to the point: Florida is number one, and by working together, we can make sure that it stays that way,” DeSantis’ statement was met with a thunderous ovation from the audience.

DeSantis quickly highlighted some of Florida’s positive attributes, including its rapid economic growth and position as the largest state with the highest rate of new business creation. In addition, it has the lowest per capita state tax and debt burden among all large states, according to DeSantis, who also praised Florida’s position as the top tourist destination and its continued record-breaking visitor numbers. It also has more people working today than it did before the pandemic. He went on to say that Florida leads the nation in both law enforcement recruiting and support and that its crime rate is at a 50-year low.

The governor went on to say that Florida is the top state in the country for parental involvement in education and educational freedom.

DeSantis also discussed what Florida has done to lessen the “pain of inflation” by passing record tax relief for Floridians – more than $1 billion in tax relief in the present year’s budget. “We ranked number one for protections of our residents from the biomedical security state from blocking job or job requirements to banning vaccine passports to working to ensure hospital visitation rights,” he stated.

DeSantis emphasized Florida’s efforts to combat illegal immigration.

“We have placed Floridians first and we will continue to do so,” he added. “From prohibiting sanctuary towns to challenging the Biden government over its catch and release policy to shipping illegal aliens to sanctuary counties.”

DeSantis concluded his speech by saying, “So we find ourselves in Florida on the forefront in the struggle for freedom,” adding, “Together, we have made Florida the country’s most sought-after destination and we have created historic outcomes.”

“However, this is not the time to savor our victories. To ensure Florida stays at the top, he said, “we have the chance and in fact the duty to swing for the fences. Ignore the background noise and don’t bother about the chattering class. Keep your compass pointed north.”

“We’ll be steadfast. We’ll keep our ground, we won’t give in, and I can assure you that you ain’t seen nothing yet.”