Elon Musk Responds To Biden’s “Pay Your Fair Share” Tax Tweet

“I paid more income tax than anyone ever in the history of Earth”

The world’s richest man Elon Musk has responded to a tweet sent out by Joe Biden calling for higher taxes for billionaires, noting that he’s paid more tax than any human ever in the history of the planet.

Biden sent out the following tweet calling on rich people to “pay your fair share,” along with a claim that the average tax billionaires pay is three percent.

Musk responded, noting that he paid a whopping 53 percent tax on Tesla stock options at both the state and federal level, and that he paid more taxes than any person on Earth in 2021 ($11 billion) and will do so again for the 2022 fiscal year.

Musk also called for a fact check on Biden’s three percent claim.

Musk’s call led to the following correction from the Tax Foundation being added to Biden’s tweet, showing how Biden is either just flat wrong or lying:

Others chimed in on Musk’s comments:

They can’t even manage their own spend and they expect billionaires to cover it. Even if you taxed billionaires 100% it wouldn’t stop our fundamental issues.— Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) March 18, 2023

While others had some choice responses for Biden:

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