‘He’s Failed’: Citizens Rip Biden For Ignoring East Palestine, Praise ‘All Heart’ Trump

Joe Biden fell on the Air Force one stairs while Trump visited East Palestine.

Residents of East Palestine, Ohio praised former president Donald Trump for visiting their community on Wednesday, and contrasted his behavior with Joe Biden’s failure to show up and show support to the community following the toxic chemical leak and train derailment earlier this month.

During an interview with OANN’s Daniel Baldwin, two East Palestine residents praised Trump for visiting, saying “It’s great, at least some one actually showed up.

“Apparently everyone else is finally getting off the pot since President Trump said he’s coming,” one added.

“He’s all heart, he loves everybody,” another resident said. “You can tell.”

On the topic of Biden choosing to schmooze with Ukraine’s Volodomyr Zelensky instead of traveling to East Palestine, one local noted, “I think he totally failed as he has one everything else. You know, President Trump has proved that he cares, he’s showing up, he’s here. he’s worried about the people, and Joe Biden’s in Ukraine.

“So, it just doesn’t make sense,” he added.

Trump taunted  Biden over the latter’s avoidance of East Palestine, Ohio following the toxic chemical leak and train derailment that occurred earlier this month.

As Trump was touring East Palestine on Wednesday, journalist Savanah Hernandez asked, “Mr. President, what is your message to Joe Biden before you leave?”

“Get over here,” Trump quipped.

Biden’s “historic” trip to Ukraine and Eastern Europe culminated with him falling down on the Air Force One stairs, evoking comparisons to his infamous tumble on the same staircase in 2019.

The incident occurred in Poland on Wednesday as Biden was embarking on the presidential aircraft at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Nearing the top of the staircase, the octogenerian commander-in-chief stumbled, and hurtled foward, throwing out his hands to break his fall on the steps.

The incident was captured by multiple camera angles and was posted to social media.

Source: https://valiantnews.com/2023/02/hes-failed-citizens-rip-biden-for-ignoring-east-palestine-praise-all-heart-trump/