Homosexuals Sue Christian Activist for Criticizing Test Tube Baby Trafficking

A pair of homosexuals are suing Christian activist Lauren Witzke after she took to Twitter to criticize the depravity of disturbing footage they posted online after a female surrogate gave birth to two premature test tube babies on their behalf.

Eric Vaughn and Tony Trainor, two “husbands” from Houston, Texas, are suing Christian activist, Stew Peters Network host, and 2020 Delaware US Senate candidate Lauren Witzke for defamation after she criticized video footage the men posted online, on one of Vaughn’s “influencer” channels. In the footage, Eric Vaughn, a gay social media “influencer” who sports feminine hair and a beard is seen imitating the skin-to-skin bonding that takes place between a mother and her newborn child and centers around the female biological ability to breastfeed.

Witzke pointed out the disturbing nature of seeing a grown man with feminine hair and a beard wearing women’s leggings and mimicking the behavior of a mother and her newborn and likened the gay adoption and surrogacy industry to a form of pedophilic trafficking. Her original tweet is no longer available, having been censored by the platform, prompting a 12-hour suspension for Witzke.

The criticism of the publicly-available video footage, portions of which are viewable in the Fox 26 news segment below, was apparently too much for Trainor and Vaughn to handle, and they’ve filed a lawsuit against Witzke for defamation, claiming that her criticism amounts to an “attack” on their “family.” The lawsuit comes after Vaughn posted response videos online proclaiming his victimhood at the hands of Witzke’s tweets.

“This public figure posted this for the world to see for one reason: attention,” Witzke wrote in a Tweet responding to Vaughn’s response video. “Now he wants more. Imagine how the babies feel now that they have been ripped from the arms of a nurturing mother.”

In an interview with Fox 26, which is also viewable in the video below, Witzke stood her ground and refused to back down in the face of pro-LGBT media pressure.

“My tweet is a representation of my beliefs and I truly believe what I say,” Witzke told Fox 26. “I have a right, as a Christian, to my opinion.”

“They posted [the video] publicly on their social media. When you post your depravity, you’re gonna get reprimanded. Welcome to the internet.”

Attention Seekers:

As Lauren Witzke reminded Fox 26, Trainor and Vaughn posted the video to social media themselves in the first place, along with several others documenting the surrogate pregnancy that saw two baby girls born prematurely before being taken from their biological mother and handed over to two gay men.

In one of the videos, which was posted to Eric Vaughn’s You Tube channel, Trainor and Vaughn, along with the surrogate mother, celebrate “embryo transfer day.”

Surrogate pregnancies have been widely celebrated in the corporate press lately, even on the “conservative” side, with gay men like Dave Rubin openly admitting that he, his “husband,” and their medical providers killed 18 unborn babies before one embryo was sucessfully impanted in a surrogate mother, leading to pregnancy and birth.

In another video clip posted by Vaughn, the two men and the surrogate mother appear outdoors, where they announce that she is pregnant with twin girls, imitating the gender reveal celebrations often put on by men and women who are expecting a child.

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