IRS Caught Targeting White People

According to Fox News Digital, the conservative legal organization America First Legal Foundation asserted that Biden’s latest executive order shows that the government “intends to change IRS audit algorithms to target Asian, white, or mixed-race taxpayers.”

The IRS intends to revamp its auditing procedures under the pretense of “racial justice” in order to target taxpayers based on their color.

“Advancing Racial Equity and Assistance for the Underserved Communities Through the Federal Govt,” an executive order signed by Biden in 2021, asked the federal government to prioritize developing a “whole-of-government strategy to equity.”

Another executive order that was signed by Biden last week, titled “Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for the Underserved Communities Through the Federal Govt,” required all federal agencies to develop an annual “equity plan of action” to lower barriers and boost participation in “underserved communities.”

To “avoid and cure discrimination, including by safeguarding the public from algorithm discrimination,” the order instructs federal agencies.

“There is very compelling reason to think that the Treasury Dept. is modifying the IRS’s audit algorithms to unlawfully operationalize racial quotas and/or mandating agents to use imputed ethnic and racial data to assure ‘racial equity,’” the AFL claims.

In response, the legal team submitted a Freedom of Info Act request requesting particular persons’ contact records from the Department Of the treasury and the IRS, including Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen and other top officials, beginning in January 2021.

The request asks for information “relating to ‘discrimination,’ ‘discriminatory,’ ‘racial,’ ‘race,’ ‘ethnicity,’ ‘color,’ ‘BIPOC,’ ‘Black,’ ‘Asian,’ ‘Indigenous,’ ‘White,’ ‘Brown,’ or on the other hand, and ‘audit,’ ‘enforcement,’ ‘NRP.”

Currently, tax returns are chosen for audit by the IRS’ National Research Program at random, but the AFL said that Biden’s most recent executive order might change how tax returns are chosen moving ahead.

White, Asian, and mixed-race taxpayers are in “clear and present danger” as a result of the admin’s “deep-seated racial fixations,” according to the AFL.

Gene Hamilton, vice president and general counsel of the AFL, criticized the idea that race should in any way influence how the IRS conducts its business as being “absurd, insulting to the American ideal, and also illegal.”

“However, the Biden admin. is so engulfed in its racial preoccupation that it is prepared to base IRS enforcement actions on the race of the American people. We will oppose their efforts to weaken respect for the law and expose their plans to introduce harmful “equity-based” regulations across the federal govt.” Hamilton threw in.